SINGLE REVIEW: Miranda Lambert “Something Bad”

The collaboration of a new single from country musics “wonder twins” has been the talk of the town in recent months. After the story leaked, we learned that Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood were debuting “Something Bad” on the Billboard Music Awards. When two mega-stars join forces you expect greatness…and they delivered. The pair entered the stage donned in a punk look with leather, short shorts and dark makeup. They were making a statement, one of girl power, strength and grit.

Something Bad“, written by Brett James, Chris DeStefano and Pricilla Renea, will be on Miranda’s new album, Platinum, due to release June 3. Hints of what that “Something Bad” may be are filtered throughout the song with the ultimate outcome up to listener interpretation. In “Thelma and Louise” fashion they are drinking too much, skipping church, and an implied police chase. Its bad but so good. The song has a country/rock/soul sound with a powerful edge.

Miranda told the Associated Press,“Two girls from Texas and Oklahoma are living their dream right now. We’re really rocking in country music, and we’re coming together as a force … If you’re sitting on the front row, you might want to scoot back. It’s a force, you know what I mean? It just feels exciting to me … It’s been too long since two girls in our genre have come together like that, especially in a song that’s kind of in-your-face.”

With a combined near 8 million fans on twitter alone coupled with ideal placement with Billboard there is no doubt this song will be a chart topper. These girls are dynamic alone and together we just may have the song that puts females back on the proverbial map.

Studio version is exclusively streaming on Listen here:



Kim Hooker

Country music has played a role in every chapter of my life. I find myself loving traditional sound but connecting to the lyrics and music of today. I have a deep appreciation for the songwriting community and am passionate about making sure their story gets told as well. Florida based but travel often, mostly to cover music events. Social Media Correspondent/addict, coffee lover and wino. Looking forward to taking this journey with you….

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