SINGLE REVIEW: Natalie Stovall And The Drive “Baby Come On With It”



A strong woman who knows what she wants and wants what she knows … welcome to Natalie Stovall and The Drive’s  new single “Baby Come On With It“.



“Been a month long week and a week long day and feeling like a dog on a real short chain and if you’re good to go baby come on with it…”



The Columbia, Tennessee native began taking violin lessons at age four and just eight years later, made her Grand Ole Opry debut. With James Bavendam (drummer), Miguel Cancino (guitar), Zach Morse (bass and vocals) and Joel Dormer (guitarist and vocalist), multi-instrumentalist and lead vocalist Natalie has traveled the world, playing upwards of more than 200 dates a year during their seven years together.


“It’s funny when people ask me if my music is country. I grew up in Columbia, Tennessee playing fiddle at Opryland every day, but at the same time I was a child of the radio. Once I put my fiddle down for the day, I was just as likely to be listening to Michael Jackson or Aerosmith as I was to Reba or Faith Hill. I’m sure my music reflects that, that’s who I am.”

Cheers to the woman she is and the band she plays with … looking forward to hearing more from Natalie and The Drive.


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