Single Review: Old Dominion “No Such Thing as a Broken Heart”

After months of playing the track for audiences on their Meat and Candy tour, Old Dominion released “No Such Thing as a Broken Heart” on Friday (March 10). This is the first single from their forthcoming sophomore album, and it shows extreme promise for what the band has in store for the year.

The inspirational song starts with a mid-tempo rhythm section layered with offbeat clapping, nearly placing itself on your summer playlist right away. Not only does the piece have the perfect balance of pop and rock influences, but the lyrics shine in a way that we haven’t seen of Old Dominion before. This time, the song has something to say, and it is done in just the right way.

The first lyrics give a nod to John Mellencamp’s classic couple by begging the question, “I wonder if Jack and Diane ever made it, after the drums and the guitars all faded. Was the best they could do good enough, or did the heartland just swallow them up?” This begins the track’s message of never giving up on love, no matter how much the world works against it, including advice in the bridge of the song to “Cry when it hurts, laugh when it’s funny. Chase after the dream don’t chase after the money, and know we got each other, that’s whats up.”

Old Dominion said in a radio interview that the inspiration for the song comes from their parents and the love they have for one another. This statement can be seen in the second verse, “How did my mom and my dad ever do it? If there were troubles then we never knew it. I guess they had each other and that was enough.” Given this inspiration and after a sudden death of an immediate family member that Old Dominion announced last Monday (March 6), it seems fitting that this be the first single that they release from this album. One that uplifts their fans to know that love is what counts at the end of the day, and that giving up is not an option.

In a press release, frontman Matt Ramsey said, “It’s in the face of those challenges and standing at the edge of fear that we have to remain positive. Focus on the light that comes from positivity instead of being swallowed up. Work hard at doing what you feel is right. Don’t be scared!! Live life like there’s no such thing as a broken heart.” This uplifting statement shows the strength of the Old Dominion family and leaves fans ready to support them more than ever.

After having to cancel shows in Houston, Texas (March 8) and Midland, Texas (March 9) due to their circumstances, the band’s next live performance will take place March 16th in Ottumwa, Iowa. Old Dominion has also been nominated for the 2017 ACM Awards Vocal Group Of The Year, the award show takes place April 2, 2017. There is no word when the new album is set to release.



Sarah McGriff

Sarah McGriff

Sarah McGriff is a writer and musician from New Sharon, IA. She is a classically trained trumpet player and holds a degree in Music Performance from Texas State University. Sarah worked as a producer and on-air personality for KTSW radio station in 2012 and received awards from the Technical Image Press Association and the Broadcast Education Association. In 2013 she was as a sound engineer under Kent Finley at the famous Cheatham Street Warehouse, the venue where George Strait began his career. Sarah has worked with artists such as Whiskey Myers, Cody Johnson, and Randy Rogers Band and previously wrote for On Vinyl Music out of Austin, TX. Currently, she is pursuing her master’s degree in historical musicology at Florida State University.

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