SINGLE REVIEW: Rachele Lynae “Whole Lotta Nothin'”

“Calgon, take me away!” Who among us hasn’t wanted to stop, drop, and run on a particularly stressful day? You can do just that, even if only in your mind, when you listen to Rachele Lynae’s “Whole Lotta Nothin“.


I ain’t just gonna wai-wait around in a town

that’s just gonna weigh weigh me down,

got real big plans of not doing a thing.

Oh, I just gotta get get away,

so come on baby, what do you say?

Let’s watch the palm trees sway, can’t you see it?

Ooh, don’t you wanna feel it too?

Won’t stop till we see blue.

Baby, just me and you, and a whole lotta nothin’ to do.


What inspired Rachele, Hannah Bethel, and David Myhre to write the song? The California native remarked,

“We are such busy people these days, and sometimes we don’t have time to actually leave everything behind and head for the beach. There’s just something about the ocean that calms us down and makes everything feel good. This song takes us to the beach, even if it’s just for three minutes!”


The song does just that (on a side note, feel free to listen with your eyes closed – think Zac Brown Band’s “Toes“). Impacting country radio this week, it is one of the first SiriusXM Highway Finds of 2015. Released on the Momentum Label Group, she co-produced it with Jamie O’Neal (“There Is No Arizona, “When I Think About Angels, “Trying to Find Atlantis, “Somebody’s Hero).

Donna Block

Donna Block

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