SINGLE REVIEW: Reba “Going Out Like That”

Reba has been a trailblazer for Country and for female artists over the last few decades. And at a time when female artists and the classic sounds are fighting for radio respect, the genre’s reigning Mama Bear comes out swinging with “Going Out Like That,” her first single under her new deal with NASH Icon.

This track covers familiar territory for Reba with themes of empowerment and overcoming a breakup. But unlike her past hit “Turn On The Radio,” she’s not singing about herself. She’s throwing the spotlight on another woman’s story. The jilted lover of Reba’s tale is introduced as someone acting as anything but a victim:

It’s been awhile since she put that red dress on
And slip into those high heels
She’s got a couple of guys blowing up her phone
And she loves the way that feels
You’d never know she was going through a break up
There ain’t a single tear messing up her make up

And to that ex who might be thinking that she’s miserable without him? Reba’s got something to say there too:

He thought she’d be sitting home crying
But she ain’t goin’ out like that

The combined writing talents of Ben Hayslip, Rhett Atkins, and Jason Sellers bring us inspirational lyrics set to a catchy, radio ready melody that will motivate anyone. And Reba’s signature strong and to the point vocals drive the message home.

One minor flaw in this production is the sprinkling of Autotune. It may be the trend and it’s not used to a distracting level, but Reba doesn’t need it.

Just as she uses her voice to tell another woman’s story with “Going Out Like That,” Reba uses her artistry with this song to keep the path open for her fellow women to Country radio.

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