SINGLE REVIEW: SaraBeth “I’m Sick Of It”

SaraBeth’s latest, “I’m Sick of It“, is a send-off to Mr. Wrong and all his negativity.

“My new single … was actually inspired by a guitar riff as strange as that sounds. … Glen just started playing this really mean sounding, angry thing on the guitar that was really cool and we all looked at each other and just thought this sounds like a break up and like someone is fed up and angry.” (SaraBeth)

Writing with Gwen Sebastian and Glen Mitchell, the song makes it very clear that whatever brought this couple together is gone, done, over, finished, ended, terminated…the only ‘good’ is followed by ‘riddance’.

Maybe it’s therapeutic too, as Texas native SaraBeth remarked, “Ironically enough, it’s actually been one of the most fun songs I’ve ever written.”

The song is from her upcoming Circle S Records upcoming EP. Check it out on iTunes HERE. Last year SaraBeth charted two Top 40 country singles.

The “Nowhere With You” singer will be playing with Glen on March 6 at Lost River Pizza in Bowling Green, KY and on March 21 at Puckett’s Boat House in Franklin, TN.

Donna Block

Donna Block

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