SINGLE REVIEW: SaraBeth “That’s The Sound”



SaraBeth is releasing a new single from her debut album Anything Is Possible called “That’s The Sound, “ which offers a unique take on the typical breakup song. “That’s The Sound” references the sounds of freedom one might hear when they are leaving a relationship, from the revving engine of a car to three inch heels on a hardwood floor. It’s a country rocker in which SaraBeth’s voice sweetly delivers the emotional freedom she is finding by leaving a relationship.


“Keys jingling in my hand

Three inch heels on a hardwood floor

Ring fallin’ on your nightstand

Windows rattle from a slammin’ door

That’s the sound of a heart letting go

That’s the sound of leavin’

Baby that’s the sweet, sweet sound of freedom”


You can catch Sara on tour with Lonestar kicking off February 6th in Scottsdale, AZ.


That’s The Sound” will impact radio on February 6th and is available for purchase HERE.


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