SINGLE REVIEW: Sunny Sweeney “My Bed” Featuring Will Hoge

It is said that when you marry, two become one.

“I remember, the day I took your name I surrendered, gave you everything”

It is also a time when one becomes two. Words. Actions. Compromise. When you said ‘I do’,
you dreamt it was the start of together forever.

“I’ll always love you; At least that’s what we said Now you’re just sleeping, in my bed”

Listen to Sunny Sweeney’s latest single, My Bed (Featuring Will Hoge), it is country music
at its best – the lyrics speak the truth to your brain, the music squeezes on your heart.
For anyone who has loved and lost, this is your anthem. Sadly, reality wasn’t the fairy tale
‘happily ever after’. We build up. We tear down.

“I don’t know you; I don’t miss you when you’re gone You don’t know me, Baby where did we go wrong”

“We’re both wishin’ We were anywhere else instead All the love we had is dead”

She co-wrote the song with two members of Pistol Annies, Ashley Monroe, and Angaleena Presley.
It is the follow-up single to last year’s Bad Girl Phase (which Rolling Stone named as the 12th
best country song in 2014). Her album, Provoked, was ranked by the magazine last year as the
9th best in country music.

Sunny will be touring this month with Miranda Lambert (the third member of Pistol Annies)
on her Certified Platinum Tour.

Donna Block

Donna Block

I’ve been privileged to write album reviews for Got Country Online since 2012. John Berry,John Michael Montgomery, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Alan Jackson their music caught my ear, their lyrics caught my heart. Country music is my go-to, whether my day is great or not. I love to crank up old and new tunes, kick back and enjoy!

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