SINGLE REVIEW: Tim McGraw “Lookin’ For That Girl”



Lookin’ For That Girl” is scheduled to be released January 21st from Tim McGraw’s upcoming album and follows the hits “The Highway Don’t Care (ft. Taylor Swift and Keith Urban)” and “Southern Girl“. This one was by written by Jimmy Slater, Chris Tompkins and Mark Irwin.


Southern Girl” used Auto-Tune in such a way that it was clearly evident and it worked. Generally, I am not often a big fan of Auto-Tune but Tim McGraw’s new single “Lookin’ For That Girl” manages to incorporate Auto-Tune, yet again, in a way that doesn’t diminish Tim’s vocals or the song. The voice is clearly Tim McGraw, polished and smooth, and doesn’t get lost in the electronica.


One of the greatest things about country music is that lyrics can embody or evoke an image and feeling that resonates with most people. It need not be a serious, thought provoking topic. It can be as uncomplicated as “Lookin’ For That Girl


Somewhere in heaven’s town,

Driving wild, hitting the bars,

Shooting the stars,

Rollin’ up on every party.

Wonder where you are.

Lookin’ for that girl, that girl, that girl.

Diving me crazy,

Something says, baby, yeah

Baby, you’re that girl, that girl , that girl.

Yeah, maybe you’re that girl, that girl, girl.

Hair like a field of corn

Body like a honey comb

Smile like a country song

Baby, climb on in.


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