SINGLE REVIEW: Tim McGraw “Shotgun Rider”

As the third single off Tim McGraw‘s much anticipated upcoming album “Sundown Heaven Town“, “Shotgun Rider” follows its predecessor of “Meanwhile Back At Mama’s” in the sense that it is reminiscent of McGraw’s music from his 1997 album release “Everywhere” – for a few years it appeared McGraw was getting caught up in the race of competing for the appeal of younger audiences, so hearing him come back to HIS SOUND is amazing.

The lyrics (such as the chorus below) are simple but sweet:

I don’t ever wanna wake up

Looking into someone else’s eyes

Another voice calling me Baby

On the other end of the phone

New girl putting on her makeup

Before dinner on Friday night

No I don’t ever wanna know

No other shotgun rider beside me

Singing to the radio

The musical composition also has a great balance – the variations between the steel and electric guitars is seamless and the beat just makes you smile. It’s easy to get lost in the thought of the one you consider your ‘shotgun rider’ when listening.

Take a listen below and let us know what you think!


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