SINGLE REVIEW: Trisha Yearwood “PrizeFighter”

There is something very comforting about Trisha Yearwood…from Trisha’s Southern Kitchen to her music. “PrizeFighter” is Trisha’s newest release on her new label, Sony Music Nashville. “PrizeFighter (ft. Kelly Clarkson)” is a compelling song sung by a strong woman with a powerhouse voice and sending out an impassioned message. The song promotes independence, confidence, fortitude. This is a life affirming song. The music is spirited yet fluid and Trisha’s vocals are as flawless as when she first started hitting the airwaves with songs like “Walk Away Joe.”

Now there is a more mature level in her tone and delivery that likely comes from life experience….business woman, entrepreneur, wife, mother, friend, sister, daughter….After all, it has been 7 years since 2007’s Heaven, Heartache and the Power of Love. And yet, the presentation of the song is still reminiscent of the ingenue that once was Trisha Yearwood.

PrizeFighter“, was written by, Jessi Alexander, Ross Copperman and Sara Buxton. The talent of these three skilled songwriters, the gentle and effective harmonizing by Kelly Clarkson, combined with the heartfelt emotions expressed by Trisha are sure to make this single a song to remember. If you are in need of something to lift you from a place that has you crawling under a rock or if you feel like you are on top of your A game….you can belt this song out. “PrizeFighter” is a song, an anthem, about meeting challenges head on and it is very relevant in today’s world. You will end up stander taller and holding your head up higher.

show ‘em how you never quit
like a hurricane
when you hit the ground, you find your wings
turn the sound of defeat into your battle cry
looking at you standing tall

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