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Lee Ann Womack Releases The Way I’m Livin’ Sept. 23


Lee Ann Womack never intended to go almost seven years between records, but she knew when she released new music, she wanted it to be very special. For the Grammy-winner who’s one of the rare women to win the prestigious Country Music Association’s Album of the Year, she wanted an album made purely for the sake of the songs and ... Read More »

Whiskey Myers Share Their Take On Touring, New Record and More


  Plain and simple, Whiskey Myers is a band which makes good, honest music. Hailing from Texas, the five members of the band, Cody Cannon, Cody Tate, John Jeffers, Jeff Hogg and Gary Brown, write songs that are stories; stories about celebration and sadness, hardship and jubilation. They pull from, and seamlessly mingle, a wide range of influences resulting in ... Read More »

ALBUM REVIEW: The Grahams “Riverman’s Daughter”

  Ever wonder what a beautiful painting would sound like as a song? Listen to Riverman’s Daughter, the title track on The Grahams debut album, which is scheduled to be released on February 4. The Grahams, Alyssa and Doug, didn’t just join hands in holy matrimony, they’ve done so musically too.   Down 2,500 miles, from Minnesota to Louisiana, along ... Read More »