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Nashville is bursting with new talent; not only new talent, but some pretty amazing talent!  We’ve compiled a list of artists that you need to watch for 2018.  Each of these artists will have their own month throughout the year where they will be featured on our site and socials.  Check out our picks and let us know if there is anyone else that we need to keep our eye on!


Country music newcomer Devin Dawson is gearing up for a successful year with his new record Dark Horse scheduled for release on January 19. His current single “All On Me” is climbing the charts and the rest of his record is soon to follow. Dawson’s sound is authentic and his voice is raw with hints of vulnerability, and loads of passion. It is backed with powerful words that hook you and keep you invested from start to finish. Devin Dawson’s talent deserves to be heard and respected, and I have no doubt that this year will be his best one yet. 


Georgia native Cale Dodds has the potential to make 2018 a life changing year.  He signed with Warner Music Nashville in 2016, and spent most of 2017 working on his debut album. Since signing with Warner he has released 6 songs. Dodds is spending the first few months of 2018 on radio tour promoting his debut single “Take You Back.”  Week 1 included stops in Colorado where Dodds’ received his first promise to add “Take You Back” to the station’s playlist when the song goes to air in March.  He is slated to have a very busy touring schedule for the rest of the year, which will include CMA Fest in Nashville.  Live performances are where Dodds really lights up.  He was born to be on stage, so be sure to catch a show later this year!


Ohio native Clark Manson has a bright future ahead of him in his music career. With over 150 shows per year, Manson has quite the presence on stage.  Manson recently put out his latest album Friday Nighters which shows his amazing talent. He not only puts on a good show on stage, but keeps the party going off stage as well. Manson is an artist who not only invests time into his music, but also his fans. He can usually be found after shows meeting fans, taking pictures, and having a good time with those who came to support him. This year is going to be a big year for Manson. We can expect many more shows, some pretty funny tweets, and hopefully some more music!


Caitlyn Smith, resident Nashville songstress who’s written for artists new and seasoned alike, is now finally garnering her own followspot! An artist standing in the shadows of Nashville recently had her TV debut on Jimmy Fallon which proved to show this girl deserves recognition. From “Wasting All These Tears” (Cassadee Pope), “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” (Meghan Trainor ft. John Legend), and “Tacoma” (Garth Brooks) to name a few, Smith leaves a piece of her heart in every song she writes. Her recently released new album “Starfire,” boasts Smith’s vocal talent alongside haunting truths and themes sure to capture attention of listeners!


Jesse Labelle sure left his mark on Nashville and country music in 2017, and there’s no doubt in my mind that 2018 will be even brighter for this artist! With the successful release of two singles “Another You,” and more recently “Get Away With It,” Labelle is hitting the ground running in 2018. He’s hosting songwriter’s rounds at The Listening Room, has hopes to play this year’s Country Radio Seminar in February, and has a handful of sure to be hits, in his pocket! Keep your eyes and ears on this one, it’s going to be a good year!


Sweet & innocent? Badass with sass? Songwriter and artist? Yes, yes, and yes. Few people can carry all of the above but Maggie Rose can, and does! Whether she’s laid back at one of BMI’s sister events Key West Songwriters Fest and Island Hopper Songwriters Fest, or rocking the big stage opening for Tim and Faith, she is sure to catch the attention of all crowds! You can hear her latest singles “Just Getting By,” and “Pull You Through” on iTunes and Sirius XM’s The Highway! We’re looking forward to what’s to come from this lady in 2018!


Kristin Whyte (Devin Dawson), Stefanie Richardson (Cale Dodds), Samantha Mutschler (Caitlyn Smith), Kelly Hettenbaugh (Jesse Labelle & Maggie Rose), and Christine Tully (Clark Manson).

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