Thomas Rhett & Maren Morris “Craving You” single review

Rhett & Morris performing on the ACM Awards.

If you watched the ACM’s last week then you probably saw Thomas Rhett and Maren Morris slay their duet “Craving You”! You may also have heard this song if you have attended the Home Team Tour, as Thomas Rhett has been teasing new music throughout it! This song is an upbeat country/pop mix, and I love it! The song talks about how you are always missing your person when you aren’t with them, how you wish you were with them as soon as you have to leave. Thomas Rhett and Maren Morris brought the energy and chemistry to their performance!

“Every time we have to say goodbye, I’m counting down until we say hello.”

The chorus seems to hit on this addiction that you have, no matter how much time you get with them, you’re always wanting more! You can never get enough!

“Your like that cigarette, that shot of 100 proof, no matter how much I get, I’m always craving, that feeling when we kiss, the way your body moves, no matter how much I get I’m always craving you.”

 This duet is a teaser for fans as Thomas Rhett works on his third studio album! You can listen to it on YouTube here. Thomas Rhett’s fans are anticipating new music, and if this song is any indicator I think the album will be a huge hit!

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Christine Tully

Christine Tully

I grew up in a small rural town in Ohio. I grew up on 90s country music with songs like Strawberry Wine and artists like Kenny Chesney playing on the radio. I grew up listening to only country music and to this day still do. If you ask anyone who knows me they will probably tell you, I am always at a show. People don’t typically ask what I have been doing, they typically ask “What was the last show you went to?” or “Who are you going to see next?”. My current favorites include Clark Manson and Drew Baldridge. There’s just something about knowing and believing in an artist and then watching people slowly fall in love with their music that will always attract me to this genre!

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