Tiffany Houghton to Release Three New Acoustic Singles on iTunes and VEVO



Following the success of her debut viral video, “High,” boasting over 1.2 million views, Tiffany Houghton will debut her first of three upcoming acoustic tracks on Valentine’s Day.


As a Christmas gift to her “TifFANies, Houghton released an acoustic version of “Phone Call,” a fan favorite from live shows. The move received unexpected critical acclaim from the seemingly simple track and home made video.


“Tiffany Houghton stuns in emotional new video ‘Phone Call’” Emily Longeretta,  Hollywood Life


It’s emotionally arresting and it’s gripping.” Amy Sciarretto, PopCrush


We’re sure that if Tiffany keeps putting out great music like this she’s going to be unstoppable in the music industry.” FanLaLa


“The positive feedback on such an intimate piece is astounding,” comments Houghton. “I started out as a girl with journals full of words. Over time it felt natural to add melody and visual interpretation to these stories. Sometimes I think it’s important to look at each layer of a piece of art and appreciate it on its own.”


In response to the reaction from “Phone Call,” Tiffany opted to release three additional acoustic tracks this spring along with videos for each song. When approaching the videos, instead of hiring art directors and stylists, Tiffany led her team in conceptualizing the themes, props, costumes and even storyline.


“She put us in the car and toted us between thrift shops and Goodwill as she searched for the perfect pieces that portrayed her vision,” recalled manager Jade Driver.


“I will always be involved in every detail of my art and my business. I remind my fans to be true to themselves, and it’s my responsibility to make sure that I’m doing the same,” says Houghton of her career. “I have a great team that truly respects me and helps orchestrate my unique and oftentimes intricate visions. No step of the process is ever passed along to anyone else without my involvement, which helps keep me genuine.”


Love Like That” will debut on Vevo this Friday, followed by “17 Again” and “Hey Boy” out later this spring. Houghton is currently on a college campus tour in conjunction with NACA.


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