Twitter Party with Boone and Sneak Peek Of New Single “Summer Girls”

We are hosting a Twitter Party with Nine North Record‘s artist Boone Wednesday, July 29th at 8/7C. Check out his lyric video for his current single “Summer Girls“.

Multi-instrumentalist, accomplished songwriter, revered singer, and no holds barred entertainer… his momma call the 22 year old singer Daniel but to everybody else, he’s just Boone.

Boone was tagged with the namesake, early on, as an endeared comparison to the legendary woodsman, Daniel Boone due to his overwhelming passion for the outdoors. And this passion, by instinct, bled far into the other interest areas of his life including sports and, of course, music. This raw and uninhibited trait is the fuel behind the fire of his fearless voice and the drive of his savage-like approach to performing.

Like many country artists throughout the years, Boone started his musical ambitions in church, playing guitar as well as piano. He then lent his vocal talents to the high school choir and entertained his fellow students at lunch on Fridays playing country classics by Merle Haggard and Keith Whitley. In his senior year, he entered and won the Indiana State Future Farmers of America talent competition and, to be cliché’, the seed was planted. The win brought attention to his undeniable talents, and Boone began to play fairs and clubs around Indiana.

For the next few years, he continued to hone his crafts as a musician and singer, playing shows whenever possible. After repeated requests for original material by his fans and radio supporters, Boone dove head first into songwriting and quickly derived a style uniquely his own. He soon had penned tunes worthy of recording and, with guitar in hand, Boone headed south to Nashville.

Boone is releasing his first single, “Summer Girls,” to country radio this summer, putting the final touches on a new EP, “American Young Hearts,” and preparing for a busy, upcoming touring season.

Join us next Wednesday at 8/7C PM- Be sure to follow Boone HERE and use #GotCountry to join the party!

Samantha Dawn Mutschler

Samantha Dawn Mutschler

I am a country music loving cowgirl with a passion for helping kids with cancer. I was born and raised in Orlando, FL where I currently reside. When I am not submerged in country music, I am a professional photographer, social media junkie, and most importantly devoted to children with cancer. Jesus has blessed me with the gift of crocheting and I started my organization, Unraveled by Samantha Dawn, where I make crochet hats and wigs. I have also had the opportunity to meet and spend time with some of the children that I have made hats for. I look to Country Music for comfort, joy, and relaxing. It’s cool to be part of the very best fan base ever!

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