Welcome Spring With GotCountryOnline’s April Playlist

 They say April shower’s bring May flowers…well that sure beats the snow that majority of the country had this winter.  We are ready to welcome Spring more than ever this year after the brutal winter.  We compiled some of the songs that we are listening to, to help welcome in Spring.  We hope you enjoy our April Playlist.


1. Cole SwindellHope You Get Lonely Tonight

This is Cole’s second single off of his self-titled debut album and the lyrics to this one are just as catchy as in “Chillin’ It.” I can’t imagine one song he releases off of this album not being a hit. I couldn’t help but to put this one on repeat after the first time I heard it.

2. Gary AllanIt Ain’t The Whiskey.”

If you haven’t checked out this latest single from Gary Allan, I highly recommend it. The beginning of this song just sounds so eerie, with the church organs, it makes you originally believe it may be about the death of someone. Instead it’s about that deep dark hole that you have left to fill after someone you loved so much finds someone else. No matter what you do, drink, smoke, that void is still there.

3. Keith UrbanCop Car.”

Who would think that reading the song title alone would bring together a wonderful story of two people finding love in the unlikeliest of places, the back of a cop car. This is an unbelievably amazing love song about two people who took a chance that night, took the daring feat to disobey a sign so they could be together the whole night on a little getaway. In this case getting pulled over by the cops would seem like a huge disappointment, but in this case it turned into the biggest, and best thing that could have happened: getting handcuffed by the cops which ended in getting arrested by love–in the back of the cop car. The deed was already done, they got arrested so at that point, who cared how long it took the cops. Amazing lyrics, Amazing song. This one will forever be on repeat.

4. Frankie BallardHelluva Life.”

I remember hearing Frankie Ballard’s first release from his first album, “Tell Me You Get Lonely,” and really loving the sound of it. I was so happy to hear some new music from him this year off of his brand new album, Sunshine and Whiskey. I think what really pulls the weight on this track is the lyrics, the very believable and true lyrics and Frankie really knows how to play some extremely good guitar licks. I am so happy to hear more releases off of this album in the near future. If you haven’t heard this one, these lyrics alone shall draw you in.

5. Dierks BentleyI Hold On.”

Dierks really has a niche for cranking out the hits one by one. This one entitled, “I Hold On,” brings us back to our roots. It reminds us about the things that really matter, people may tell us how our things do not look good to them, that our things don’t look like much. It’s those things that we “hold on” to that give our life it’s meaning, and without those things we really wouldn’t be anywhere. Anyone can relate by thinking back to those things you holdon to because of how they make you feel, how much those things bring back the memories for you. They may not mean a thing to someone else, but to you they mean the world. Those are the things that keep you grounded and always remind you where you came from and how you shouldn’t change just to make someone else happy. Whether it’s that “old beat up truck,” or that “old beatup box with rusty strings across the top,” we still hold on.

6. Brett EldredgeBeat Of The Music.”

I’ve loved all of Brett’s previous work but this by far has to be my favorite. The lyrics are so catchy with this one, and sorelatable. Between the melody and the lyrics, this one will have you singing along and tapping your toes to “the beat of the music.” Pun intended. lyrics, this one will have you singing along and tapping your toes to “the beat of the music.” Pun intended.

7.  Justin AdamsMiss Me Whiskey.

You may not be familiar with Justin Adams, but you should be. I can be forever thankful for that blessed follow button on Twitter. I have had this song on repeat ever since I discovered his music through the wonderful social media tool. His music is just that good. Dead serious. So good. He is definitely the future of country music and I am so very excited to see where his career is going to take him. He is so extremely good, he also has one of those easily distinguishable and pure voices, I cannot say enough good things about this guy. Between his outstanding vocals and an overall welcoming and down to earth personality, not to mention his great sense of humor, I truly believe Justin has what it takes to make it in this industry. Never before has someone’s music stood out to me and left an impression on me so much with a first listen as his music has. I cannot imagine anyone else deserving the success more than him. This song will forever be worth a listen, and definitely one you may have to hit repeat for. Again, and Again. And Again. So in love with this song.


8. Brantley GilbertBottoms Up.

Brantley’s latest release, “Bottoms Up,” is the latest party song to hit the radio airwaves. This is a good one you will want to crank up:

9. Justin MooreLetting the Night Roll.”

Justin Moore is back at it again with another hit and there is no doubt in my mind why Justin is one of the most distinguishable voices in country music today. He knows what kind of music he wants to make, country, and he proves that with each release he has out. What makes Justin Moore one of those artists that will be around for a while is that he won’t be letting the country music fans down by singing some pop or rap music. He knows what he wants, he knows he is country, and will always be country, and he is going to bring it full force with each release. This one is so good, I cannot say enough good things about this one. Check it out.


10. Jason AldeanWhen She Says Baby.”

There hasn’t been one Jason Aldean song I haven’t been a fan of. It’s the lyrics, the beat. This one got me with these lyrics:

“yea she the perfect shot of faith. when every bit of

Mine is gone.

somethin’ I could believe in a best friend and heavens send a

Love to lean on.

but when she says baby, oh no matter comes aint goin no

Matter she runs her fingers through my hair and saves me.

yea that look in Her eyes got me comin alive and drivin me a good kinda crazy

when she says

Baby. oh when she says baby. yea that look in her eyes got me comin alive

And drivin me a good kinda crazy.”



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