Ainsley Britain Is Making A Name For Herself In Music City

Ainsley Britain is a philanthropist, actor, singer, writer and soon to be author! Originally from Louisiana, Ainsley is currently living in Nashville, working on her nonprofit campaign UNVEILED. Ainsley recently began UNVEILED with hopes to reveal or “unveil” the lies people tell themselves so they can walk in truth and freedom.

On July 10th Ainsley will be releasing her second music video, “St. Louis,” which already has the support of her fans, and is among one of her crowd favorites. She is currently working on her second EP, but a release date has not yet been set.

She says, “This next EP will be very different and potentially a little darker? I’m not sure yet, the list of songs is expanding as we decide which direction to go with it!”

In addition to her second music video, and work on her EP, Ainsley has immediate plans to release a video shedding some positive light on “selfies.”

Between her remarkable musical talent, and her unbelievably caring attitude, Ainsley has everything she needs to shine, and the Country Music Industry will be blessed to call her one of their own.

Stay up to date with Ainsley and her adventures via social media at @AinsleyB and on her website HERE.

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