ALBUM REVIEW: Cale Dodds “Wild and Reckless”

Georgia seems to be bursting at the seams these days with talented country musicians. You’ve got the big dogs such as Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, and Zac Brown. There’s the new boys on the scene like Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line, Kip Moore, and Sam Hunt. And lastly, the up & coming Jon Langston, Jordan Rager, along with my friends Daniel Lee and Preston Summerville. Well let me introduce you to Cale Dodds, born and raised in Columbus until he relocated to Nashville a few years ago and recently released his first EP Wild and Reckless.
Each time I listened to “Run” I picked up a different story line. I can imagine a young couple on the verge of falling in love, scared of what may come. I see a boy trying to prove to a girl that it’s safe to open her heart up to him. But I can also see a couple choosing to take that next intimate step in a relationship. No matter which way you see it, there’s only one concept, no need to run unless you’re running to love.

“Whatcha say now, whatcha say now
I can feel it on the tip of your tongue
If you’re afraid of love you’re not the only one
Whatcha say now, whatcha say now
Is there any chance for us
With a heavy heart like a loaded gun
You got nowhere left to run”

I believe “That’s When I Knew” is my favorite song from the EP. I still play it on repeat even when I’m not working on my review. It’s also my go-to song when I want to introduce my friends to Cale’s music. I’ve always had this silly little dream about wishing a song would be written about me, and I always wondered what that song would say. I’d hope it goes a little something like this…

“Lightning struck, there was nothin’ I could do
You were firing me up with every little move
Time stood still and the world stopped spinnin’
Like I just found everything I’ve been missin’
Just like that I was holding on
Couldn’t hold me back, it was set in stone
I finally found something I’d fight not to lose
Yeah girl that’s when I knew”

When I first heard the title track of the EP “Wild and Reckless” I thought of summer but the melody quickly turned into memories. It takes you back to those carefree days of no responsibility in high school. The wild road trips and reckless parties in college. Freedom, living that American story. P.S. Does anyone else get the feel of Midnight Rider?

“Take me back to the wild and reckless
The summer sun ain’t never gonna set ya feel it
That’s what you wanted, that’s what you wanted
Take me back to the golden glory
Keep on livin’ that American story
That’s what you wanted, that’s what you wanted
Wild and reckless”

On “Get You Higher” I think of how I feel at a concert. The excitement while waiting to enter the venue, hanging out with my friends and making new ones, having the time of my life, living like there’s no tomorrow. It’s the ideal party song. It does indeed “Get You Higher.”

“We’re gonna party like the world is gonna end
Get a little bit closer like you’re everybody’s best friend
Yeah we’ll be lovin’ like we’re never gonna love again
Blood pumpin’ shootin’ stars bouncin’ off the wall
You can’t stop startin’ up like a storm song
Drop a beat and everybody’s hearts are singin’ along
Everybody sing….
Let me light your little love on fire
Ain’t nothin’ gonna get you higher”

If your prince charming got down on one knee singing to you to “Say Yes,” you would, right? Come on, what girl wouldn’t appreciate a proposal song? I hope somewhere on his journey, someone asks Cale to use “Say Yes” to help with their special moment. I’m not gonna lie, I wouldn’t mind having prince charming propose with this song. I’d definitely say yes.

All five songs on Wild and Reckless are extremely meaningful. They have each pulled at my heart strings in a different way. It has been nice not having to deal with yet another truck or drinking song. Although I wouldn’t object to one or two on his next project. I have thoroughly enjoyed having the EP on repeat for days studying the tracks. It’s great music to listen to while relaxing next to the pool with a bottle of wine, yet it’s fun to dance to during a night out on the town.

I recently saw Cale live and even though he had just released this EP I was already asking him when we could hear new music. He currently has two more tracks recorded. You can search “Preach” on youtube if you just can’t wait for his next album to come out or are not able to see him live soon. I suggested that as long as he didn’t re-recorded them to put them on a full album later, he should keep cranking out EPs so us adoring fans can own new music faster.

Wild and Reckless” is available for download HERE via iTunes.

Danielle Mercer

Danielle Mercer

Born and raised in Summerville, SC I am all too familiar with small town life. I guess that may be why I connect so well with country music. Many would say I live and breathe music. I am considered one of the top people to go to for new music suggestions. They call me the country music fairy. I’ve seen most of the big acts but my new love is following all the up & coming artists. I’ve had a hand in bringing a lot of newer artists through my favorite local bar, Montreux. In those rare moments when I’m not indulged in country music, you can find me spending time with my fur kids, renovating my house, hunting/shooting, or stuck at my regular job.

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