ALBUM REVIEW: Chase Rice “Ignite The Night”

Chase Rice sure knows what he’s doing with his sophomore album, Ignite the Night. One could say that the night isn’t the only thing he’s igniting. I’d say he’s igniting the bottle rocket that is his career straight to the top. And well given some of the lyrics in these songs and Chase’s good looks and charm one could guess he’s igniting desire in a lot of women with this album as well.

Chase has co-writing credits on 12 of the 15 standard tracks as well of 3 of the 4 on the iTunes Party Edition.

Some of these tracks aren’t new to the Chase fans out there, that is some of them were released on Dirt Road Communion and Ready Set Roll, but even without a full album of new songs, Chase sets the bar high and is sure to rocket to number 1 on the charts with this album.

I’ve been a Chase Rice fan since the early days, like we’re talking before his first EP was released days. In fact I actually found out who Florida Georgia Line was from Chase Rice and that was back in early 2011. And seeing him do it his way and doing it damn good at that has made his success that much better.

Now if you hate “bro country” just across the board then this album only has a few songs for your liking. But if you’re into feel good country music and an artist that is truly staying true to himself with the songs that are considered “bro country” than you’re sure to love this album. Chase Rice is great at writing songs with one liners that will want you to drink that beer down and have some fun, but he can also write songs like “Jack Daniels & Jesus”, “Carolina Can’, and songs on previous albums like “My Old Man” that make you see how he has influences from all sides of music. He’s got those deep meaningful songs that remind you of 90’s/00’s country, the greats. But he also knows how to have a damn good time. And I guarantee you that if you give him a chance live, you’ll see that he’s more than the best beers of your life, he’s one of the best of both worlds of country music.

Ignite The Night Tracklist (and Songwriters)

1. “Ready Set Roll” (Rhett Akins, Chris DeStefano, Chase Rice)

Ready set let’s roll,
Ready set let’s ride
Get your little fine ass on the step
Shimmy up inside,
Just slide girl, by my side girl
Yeah, we can run this town
I can rock your world

Ready Set Roll” was the title track off of his latest EP and is his current radio single. There isn’t much more that needs to be said about this song. The lyrics do the talking. Ready. Set. Let’s roll.

2. “Do It Like This” (Dallas Davidson, Chris DeStefano, Ashley Gorley)

Give the jar a little twist, let you take a little sip,
cant wait to taste it on your lips,
end the night with a kiss, we do it like this!
Yeah we, we just tryin to do our thing,
got cat fish stretching on our string,
night crawlers, country ballers got it made.
And yeah you in your pretty pink cowboy boots, got a front row tailgate view

Do It Like This” is that song that you’ll either love or hate with lines like night crawlers, country ballers got it made. That said, I love the song and think it fits the fact that many country fans today were raised on a mixture of music and are ready for some thing different from the standard truck, girl, beer song. Chase picked a twist on the typical country song that doesn’t make it feel too out there, while still being unique in cutting this song.

3. “Beach Town” (Chris DeStefano, Jon Nite, Chase Rice)

Caught in that beach blonde salt sand tide
Ferris wheel make out ride
Soak in the summer wind, copper tone glistening
Tracing the tattoos on your skin
One, two, three months fly
Like a blink in your blue eyes
Where young love rolls in fast as it rolls out
In beach town

Beach Town” is that song about that summer romance that isn’t meant to be longer than your time in that summer town or in this case, beach town. It has the perfect lyrical marks to make you feel like you’re right there watching that beach town romance spark and fade.

4. “MMM Girl” (Rodney Clawson, Lynn Hutton, Chase Rice)

Mmm girl, mmm girl, what you doing for the rest of the night?
Victoria’s Secret, they’re peeking out
It’d be a damn good secret to keep
It’s something that you ain’t gotta worry bout
I’ll keep it just between you and me
And tick tock, time to wind it down
Before we take it on back to town
We’ll top it off, last call, just wanna be
You and me, you and me, yeah

Mmm Girl” makes this girl want to say Mmm boy whatcha doing for the rest of the night to Chase. Again, but this time as a co-writer Chase puts his own unique twist on the typical radio country feel good song.

5. “Beer With The Boys” (Chris DeStefano, Ashley Gorley, Chase Rice)

Then you give me hell for the smell of high life on my breath,
I say, “come on, now you knew I’d be right here.
I was up a hundred bucks when you hit me with that text,
Folded on a full house and threw my truck in fifth gear,
I ride, swinging dust in my truck, can’t get to you quick enough
Tonight, it’s you and me, baby girl, getting lost in our own world
The way you looking fine, the way your skin’s on mine
We’re on fire, damn girl, you bout to blow my mind
Tangling in these sheets, you lock them eyes on me
Beats a beer with the boys any night of the week

One of my favorites on this album. This song reminds me just how much of lyrical geniuses Chase Rice and co-writers Chris DeStefano and Ashley Gorley are. It’s the perfect mix of flattery with funny lines. And what girl wouldn’t want to know that being with her beats “Beer with the Boys” any night of the week?

6. “Carolina Can” (Scooter Carusoe, Chase Rice)

That tobacco town where I grew up
The tailgate down on a jacked up truck
A ring we earned cause we owned that state
A tombstone with my daddy’s name
Now the six string dream on a crazy course
Has got my compass losing North
And I need someone to remind me who I am
Yeah, Carolina can
Carolina can

This song reminds the listener that Chase is more than just one liner, party songs. And damn does he do a great job with it. We all have that place that we can go to remind us who we really are in the chaos of life. For Chase, that’s Carolina. This song is definitely one of my favorite songs Chase has released throughout all of his EPs and full length albums because I myself know how sometimes one has to get away to remember why they do it all.

7. “We Goin’ Out” (Chris DeStefano, Shane Minor, Chase Rice)

We going out, we going out
We got our eyes blurred right and the weird up loud
We going out, yeah we ignite the night in the sunburn town
Locked and loaded, rocked and rolling
Driving our shit just like we stole it
All night, good time, damn right
We going out, out, out, out
We going out, out, out, out
It’s going down like a whiskey waterfall
So raise your cup up up for a rockstar roll call
The yeti’s low quick, damn right we’re killing it
Cold throwing in, looks like we’ll be chillin’ it

This song is making its way to my PreGame Playlist. Perfect song to jam to as you’re getting ready for that fun night out with your crew. I swear the last line of the lyrics from it above says Cole’s rollin in, looks like we’ll be chillin’ it, but every lyric site I’ve checked seems to hear what’s listed above.

8. “Gonna Wanna Tonight” (Shane McAnally, Jon Nite, Jimmy Robbins)

If you wanna then we’re gonna girl
I hope you’re gonna wanna tonight
If you wanna then we’re gonna girl
I hope you’re gonna wanna all night
If you wanna catch a buzz and ride it til the mornin’
Let’s get two plastic cups and baby I’ll get to pourin’
I don’t really matter if it’s whiskey or wine, it’s fine
If you wanna go away out where there ain’t nobody around
And let your long hair get to fallin’ down
And let your red lips leave their mark all over mine

Gonna Wanna Tonight” is that perfect mix of a love song and a making love song while still having an upbeat feel to it. It definitely receives an Honorable Mention on a later explained Hot Damn playlist of mine. Sexy and yet feel good lyrics mixed in one combined with Chase’s voice and it’s a perfect 10.

9. “Look At My Truck” (Cole Taylor, Chase Rice)

If ya want to get to get to know me it ain’t that hard
It’s sitting on some Goodyears there in the yard
Got some dents, got some dings, been my best friend since I was 16
Baptized in dirty water, handed down to me from my father
If ya wanna know, wanna know what I’m made of just look at my truck
That headlights still busted out from the night they tried to take my keys
And that tailgate’s all rusted now, but you wouldn’t believe the good times it’s seen
And when the girls would come and it can haul some ass,
You’d never seen an ’85 hit a hundred that fast

I’ve loved this song since I first heard a preview of it prior to the Ready Set Roll EP release. I think part of my love for it comes from having driven a pickup in high school that started out as my dad’s vehicle and was passed down to my brother’s high school vehicle, and then mine. It’s still true to this day with my car. You see me in my car, you get a real glimpse of who I am. I think we can all relate to that idea on some level.

10. “U Turn” (Zach Crowell, Shane Minor, Chase Rice)

Damn, what’s that tattoo sneaking out of them hip-huggers?
I bet I’d see the other half if them boys will play some Usher
Yeah, yeah, you make me want to tell you all my confessions, girl
And not keep you guessing, girl
You turn, you turn the heat on
You turn every little bit of me on
A little drawl when you talk, little wiggle in your walk
The way you moving it, yeah you got me losing it
You’ve got, you’ve got me feeling four sheets
To the wind, the wind without no drinks

U Turn” is that song about that girl who just makes those jaws drop when she walks in. Chase and his co-writers just have a more unique way of putting that out there. And they hit it perfectly with lines like “I bet I’d see the other half if them boys will play some Usher, Yeah, yeah, you make me want to tell you all my confessions, girl.” What girl doesn’t love someone who can quote Usher’s Confessions in a song?

11. “50 Shades Of Crazy” (Chris DeStefano, Jon Nite, Chase Rice)

You put your hands on me, I’ll put my hands on you
We’ll get out of hand, girl, I’ll give you whatever hand you want me to
I can’t quit, can’t kick this kind of craving
Girl you drive me to fifty shades of crazy

When Chase was first teasing lyrics from this song months ago it didn’t shock me one bit that he’d have a song of such title with all the 50 Shades of Gray jokes he’s cracked via twitter since that series was the hot thing for women to read a few years ago. Chase and his co-writers do a damn good job of turning a play on a book title into one hot song. And we all have to admit we’ve been in that stage of love or lust at some point of time. And honestly, Chase singing these songs makes me 50 Shades of Crazy for him.

12. “What’s Your Name” (Zach Crowell, Nicolle Galyon, Matt Jenkins)

So what’s your name? Where you from?
What’s your drink when you get drunk?
What’s your sign? What’s your song?
I want to know what turns you on
What you wear when you get home?
Who do you call when you’re alone?
Every guy in here is thinking the same thing
Girl, what’s your name?

I think we all can relate to the feeling behind “What’s Your Name.” You see that person and you just have to know everything you can right then. We’ve all had that lust at first sight and “What’s Your Name” has the perfect way of making it feel a little classier. And with one of my favorite songwriters, Nicolle Galyon that doesn’t shock me that it has the perfect mix of lust at first sight while still being a song that you’d want to live out.

13. “How She Rolls” (Brian Kelley, Chase Rice)

My baby’s all hands in the air and don’t have a care
When her song’s on the radio
A little crazy with a blue jean tear
Gets a RayBan’s stare just about everywhere we go.
She likes to get down, sippin’ on coke and crown
Jesus and gypsy soul
Yeah, that’s how she rocks, that’s how she rolls.

Another repeat off of Dirt Road CommunionHow She Rolls” is the typical song about the country girl with the twist that it’s not about her as an object, but about how she does it. This is the song that most country girls want to think was inspired by them. Heck, I feel that way. And lord knows I don’t have a care when my song’s on the radio. In fact, most of the Twin Cities metro has probably discovered that about me by now.

14. “Jack Daniels & Jesus” (Amanda Flynn, Brian Kelley, Chase Rice)

I ain’t afraid to admit I’ve hit rock bottom
You want to see a lifetime full of sins
Just look at me, I’ve got em
I’ve taken a ride in the devil’s Cadillac
I’ve been so high thought I wasn’t coming back
And just when I think I’m too far gone
Ringing in my head’s the twenty-third psalm
I’ve seen the light, I’ve seen the darkness
Only God knows where my heart is
I’ve got my strength and Lord knows I’ve got my weakness
Oh, I’m lost somewhere between Jack Daniels and Jesus

Meaningful Chase makes an appearance with this track which was originally released on Dirt Road Communion. I think most can relate to this song at one point in their life. Where we know we might not be on the right path, but we can’t quite get back to the right one yet either. You’ve got to hit rock bottom to get back up. I’d say this is some of Chase’s best writing, ever.

15. “Whoa” (Russell Dickerson, Tyler Hubbard, Brian Kelley, Jesse Rice, Chase Rice)*Only on physical copy of album*

Hotter than a summer night, cooler than a caddy
She got me fallin’ faster than the autumn leaves
She puts the sugar sweet in my sweet tea
She got me buzzin’ like American honey bee
Can’t get her out of my head, she’s like a melody
Stuck on the beat she got me singin’ singin’ singin’
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
Yea the fire in her eyes got me hypnotised like…
Whoa! whoa! whoa!
And it’s burning me up but it feels so right
When she’s ready to rock you know I’m ready to roll
She’s got the beat to freeze my soul like…
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

This song has always been one of my favorite party playlist songs. With the same writers as “Cruise” with the addition of Russel Dickerson you just have one of those songs where you just wish you could’ve been in the room to see just how it came about.

iTunes Party Edition:

15. “Party Up” (Featuring Colt Ford) (Ross Copperman, Blair Daly, Colt Ford, Chase Rice)

Turn the party up
Drink the good times down
Little buzz in a cup
Will hit ya get ya space bound
Sip a little whiskey come on baby kiss me
Let me get a drip of your frisky gypsy
And when ya hit ten bump it to eleven
Tonight we gonna fly with them 747’s
Get highhhhhhhhh hiiggghhhhh
Gonna kill another 6 pack just to watch it die
Turn the party up up up

Sometimes the title says it all with a song. That’s the case here. “Party Up” is just that the perfect feel good country party song of this day and age.

16. “Country In Ya” (Adam Sanders, Chase Rice)

Naw I ain’t spittin game
I’m just spittin the truth
I wanna get a little redneck rowdy with you
Put it in park and jump on out
A little kissing in the dark
With the tailgate down, c’mon

Another one off of the Ready Set Roll EP. Country in Ya was one of my favorites on that EP, I still love the song, but this album has some that come in above it.

17. “Best Beers Of Our Lives” (Chris DeStefano, Shane Minor, Chase Rice)

Raise up your cup, come on drink it up
Keep the party sparking like the moon stuck
We ain’t going nowhere
Naw we just crazy kids and we ain’t got a care.
Here’s to riding on the high life,
A little puff and a hell yeah high five
The memories, the laughs, the girls, the nights,
the best friends buzzin’ on the best beers of our lives.
Yeah on the best beers of our lives.

This is just one of those feel good country songs about having a good time with your friends that was on the Ready Set Roll EP as well.

18. “Ride” (Joseph Somers-Morales, Cody Tarpley)

My body on your body baby sticking like some glue
Naughty, let’s get naughty girl, it’s only one or two
The fever’s fuckin’ running, feel the heat between us too
I’m gon ride, I’m gon ride, I’m gon ride
I’m gon ride on you baby, on you lady all night, all night

A few years ago my country music BFF, Danielle and me made a joke about “baby making music playlists,” with my playlist of such country music being titled “Hot Damn.” Well let’s just say that “Ride” has moved to the top spot on that playlist. There’s not much more I’ll say about this song other than Chase is one of few that can sing this song and have it be fully believable to any gal that he’s singing it to them. I’m going to guess he ends up with some bras and perhaps panties on stage during this song.

Needless to say there’s a song for just about every country fan on this album if they’re willing to give it a chance.

I would have enjoyed a few more deep songs in the mix, but I honestly like every song on the album and I’m not always full speed ahead on the “bro country” train, so that shows you that you have to give it a chance before making a decision.

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