ALBUM REVIEW: Colt Ford “Thanks For Listening”

Georgia country boy, Colt Ford is getting ready to release his fifth album titled, Thanks For Listening from Average Joes Entertainment label. If you still aren’t familiar with Colt Ford, not only is he a Georgia country boy but, he is a one-time pro golfer who turned into songwriter and musician. I guess you could call him multi-talented, and in my opinion I do believe he took the right direction in life. Reason being, he has a continually growing fan-base listening to his country music and hip hop blend. Personally speaking, this is my favorite album by Colt thus far.

I became familiar with Colt Ford a while back when I found myself jamming along and finding myself in the beat and rapping along to “Dirt Road Anthem.” I’ve never been one to catch onto the lyrics in rap before, so you know it has to have a little something extra to get me into its niche. After that one, I found myself singing along to “Driving Around Song (featuring Jason Aldean),” on Sirius XM The Highway. I’m pretty sure after those two I had begun to call myself a fan of Colt’s unique style to take other country music artists and create wonderful collaborations with them, and very catchy ones if I must say so. Thanks For Listening features collaborations with such pals as Keith Urban (“She’s Like”), Duck Dynasty‘s Boss Hog, Willie Robertson (“Cut Em’ All), Jerrod Niemann (“Crickets”), Randy Houser (“Washed in the Mud”), Justin Moore (“Farm Life”), Chase Rice (the first single, “The High Life“, Lee Brice (“Sip It Slow”), Walker Hayes (“Dirty Side”) and Daniel Lee (the title track). My favorite songs off of the whole album are these collaborations, it’s hard to choose just one that I like more than the other. They’re all so cool in their own way, you will want to crank up every single one!

If you still haven’t found yourself catching on to this country music/hip hop beat that Colt brings forth, must I remind you that he wrote #1 hits for both Jason Aldean (“Dirt Road Anthem”), and Brantley Gilbert (“Country Must Be Country Wide”). For myself, I embraced those songs long before I became familiar with Colt Ford, so it just makes sense to me to also embrace the writer that pens the hits of some of your favorite songs. I highly anticipate this being Colt Ford’s biggest album, after-all he’s already impacting followers in a huge way. Colt has over 1 million Facebook fans, 100 million Youtube views, and has sold more than one million albums and several million downloads. I don’t know about you, but I will find myself cranking up this album. If you’re still not a fan of this country music/ hip hop genre, just know it is creating a more broad perspective for country music and drawing in more listeners, and bringing more fans into country music itself which is always a positive aspect to it. I urge you to crank this one up, you’ll find yourself singing along before long. Whether you like it or not we must extend our deepest Thanks For Listening.

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