ALBUM REVIEW: Filmore “Proof”

ALBUM REVIEW: Filmore “Proof”

I have been a fan of Filmore and his music for the past couple of years. He opened for a mutual friend last summer & I was so excited to finally see him live. I got to meet him and was immediately impressed with how genuine and humble he is. We chatted for a bit about his upcoming plans, which included new music. I’ve since seen him a few other times, and he’s great live. If you get the chance to see him, go! Filmore is releasing his EP, Proof, on May 27. Three of the songs have been on Spotify for a bit, but the other 4 songs are new & they do not disappoint! I was lucky enough to get a hard copy before the digital release, and let me tell ya, you’re going to want to download it. (You can pre-order it on iTunes now!)

B L U E P R I N T 

The first track is a preview of the rest of the EP. You can quietly hear some of the lyrics repeat in the background. It is mostly music from all of the songs that is cleverly combined to give you a “Blueprint” of what you’re about to hear.

T Y P I C A L

I love songs that I can relate to. “Typical” starts off with the words “East Missouri where it all began.” That’s not exactly something this Orlando girl can relate to, however, I soon heard “had to split time between mom & dad.” I could relate to that. I started the song over and paid close attention. “Typical” is an anthem for being original, and realizing that you’re here for a specific reason. I would have to say this is my favorite song on the album, and I think the lyrics perfectly represent Filmore’s music.

“Lately I’ve been thinking we’re all here for a reason. Wanna be original, anything
but typical. Lately I’ve been thinking, we’re all just a little different. Wanna be
original, anything but typical.”

E C H O

“Echo” is a catchy song that lets us hear about life after a breakup. The line that stands out to me the most from this song is “your ghost is all I’ve got, so haunt me all you want.” He misses her so much that he’d rather be haunted and hear her echo wherever he goes, than to have nothing at all.

“ Keep messin’ me up, baby I’ll be fine. It gets me every time, cause I can’t shake your echo, bouncing down these halls like your shadow, hangin’ everywhere we go.”

L E F T O U R M A R K

When I listen to “Left Our Mark” I can easily imagine small town life. This song starts out wondering “where is she now” and takes us on a journey of a former couple’s memories. You can mentally walk through the town with him and effortlessly picture everything they “left their mark on.”

“ I can’t get past flashback memories. Cause we’re a snapshot of time that I just keep seein’ around, old stompin’ grounds. We laid our footprints down. This town has got a piece of you and me.”

H E A D L I G H T S

“Headlights” will get you ready for the weekend and fun with friends. I picture a night in a field, around the bon fire with your closest friends just having a blast. Truck lights provide all the light you need, show up as you are and let loose. It is a feel good song that will be a great summer anthem.

“ We got the high beams shining, we’re hard to miss. There’s no way Broadway is brighter than
this. No dress code, no who you know, no waiting outside. We’re already out here, yeah
we’re doing it right.”

E X C L U S I V E

“Exclusive” reminds me of Sam Hunt’s “Ex To See” lyrically. However, it is the guy wanting the ex to know that she is with him, as opposed to the girl wanting the ex to get jealous like in “Ex To See.” He wants to take things to the next level and be serious so that the ex knows exactly where they stand.

“ I’mma make sure your ex gonna get a clue. I’mma make you exclusive, I’mma make you exclusive.”

I G O T I T

We’ve all heard the songs about the girl that grabs everyone’s attention no matter what she does. “I Got It” is one of those songs, yet it doesn’t remind me of any other song that I’ve heard before. This stands on its own in a good way. “I Got It” takes us through a night where everyone wants the girl. She knows it, her guy knows it, but he’s the one has her in the end.

“Let ‘em look, let ‘em stare, but they ain’t got a shot. They can try all they
want, but they’re never gonna get what I got.”

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I have been a fan of Filmore and his music for the past couple of years. He opened for a mutual friend last summer & I was so excited to finally see him live. I got to meet him and was immediately impressed with how genuine and humble he is. We chatted for a bit …

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