ALBUM REVIEW: Josh Thompson “Turn It Up'”

Show Dog-Universal Music artist Josh Thompson promises on April 1 with no foolin’ to ‘Turn It Up‘ with his Sophomore album.


Turn It Up‘ is the follow-up to Thompson’s 2010 Billboard Country Top 10 debut album ‘Way Out Here‘, which produced three Top 30 singles. This new album is produced by Mark Wright and Cliff Audretech III. It features the lead single “Cold Beer With Your Name On It‘ as well as nine other brand-new tracks co-written by Thompson. The album let’s us see other sides of his music. I love the new sound and spin Thompson has put into the album. It still has songs about beer, drinking, leaving, heartbreak and partying though – really sounds pretty good don’t it?


‘Turn It Up’ track list includes:
1. Down For A Get Down
2. Turn It Up
3. Cold Beer With Your Name On It
4. Wanted Me Gone
5. Hillbilly Limo
6. A Little Memory
7. Drink Drink Drink
8. Left This Town
9. Firebird
10. Hank Crankin’ People


The title track “Turn It Up” is a great upbeat country song. It’s not just about turning up the music, it’s about turning up the crazy positive things in your life and tuning out all the negative things.


With a title like “Cold Beer With Your Name On It” some listeners may think it’s going to be just another beer drinking song but they’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out that it’s actually a love song with some heartache in it. The song has a refreshing and unique sound that Josh delivers perfectly.


Wanted Me Gone” is about a girl kicking the guy out then changing her mind and wanting him back but he said nope sorry you wanted me gone. It’s a catchy song and will have you singing along.


Hillbilly Limo” is another fun upbeat song.  It’s talking about no matter what you drive long as it purrs it ain’t gotta be pretty – you can cruise in your hillbilly limo.


A Little Memory” is a great country heartbreak song. We can all relate to having memories of that one person we just can’t seem to forget no matter how hard we try.


Drink Drink Drink” is about having a fight with your significant other and tonight your going out and gonna drink your problems away. It’s a great rockin honky tonk song.


Left This Town” is a song about leaving a town but you eventually come back because “Yeah no one ever leaves this town least that’s what I’ve been told”.


Firebird” is a song about just him and his girl out driving in his black trans am, listening to Skynyrd and being free. It is a pure laid back traditional Josh song.


Hank Crankin’ People” is a great classic country song about hard working, god fearing, beer drinking, hank crankin’ people. It’s a good ole song co-written by Thompson and one of his best friends, Justin Moore.


My personal favorite from the album is “Down For A Get Down” it has country rock inspiration. It is usually what Thompson starts his shows off with and it’s a great choice to get people up dancing and on their feet. “Let me hear your holler – if you’re down for a get down”.


This album is definitely something that you can play from beginning to end and love every track. Be sure to pick you up a copy for yourself and a friend too. ‘Turn It Up‘ is available now for pre-order HERE and will be on store shelves April 1st.


Thompson is currently on the Off The Beaten Path Tour with Justin Moore and Randy Houser. Tour dates are available on his website

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