ALBUM REVIEW: Kirstie Lovelady “Cry Wolf”

Kirstie Lovelady’s EP “Cry Wolf” is due out September 2nd and for the 23 year old songstress its been a long time coming. Jim “Moose” Brown worked on the project with Lovelady and she is excited to finally get to share her work with her fans. Kirstie wrote/co-wrote all 5 songs on the EP and explained in an earlier conversation how important song writing was to her…

“I love songwriting, whether the whole artist thing works out or not, I hope that songwriting is in my future because I have just as much passion for that. I guess when it comes to an artist, I’m never opposed to others people’s songs, because I know people can write like hell of better songs than I can, but when it comes to me as an artist I wanna sing about something I can personally connect with and somethings thats real to me, and I would have a hard time singing someone else’s story, and I think thats why songwriting is so important to me as an artist because every song is literally my life. We called this record Cry Wolf because like the old story about the boy who’s lying and your parents tell you the story to tell you to tell the truth, well this whole album is my truth and who I am as an artist. I wrote every song on it. So its important for me to connect to my songs, and hopefully my fans can connect to the songs and can also connect with me as a person and I think thats what’s most important in life, is connecting with other human beings through music.”

The EP starts off with title track “Cry Wolf”, its sultry guitar intro leading us into Lovelady’s message of being done with another’s lies. In the lyrics she explains how done she is with him pretending to love her, expecting her to be there when he needs her, but this woman scorned is over it.

Your lies tell me the truth
For all I care you can howl at the moon
and when you need someone
I ain’t gonna be there
You’ll be left in the middle of nowhere
I’m done believing you
When you cry wolf

I love the country rock vibe this song gives you. The message will resonate with a lot of people. For all the women out there who have been used and lied to – this is your anthem.

Devil” reveals the hurt she has experienced in a loved one’s dark side. The feeling you get when your heart has been broken and when you take a look back and access the situation. Your head tells you to move on, nothing will ever change, but your heart hopes he can be turned around. The chorus so simply describes the pain he’s given her.

Everybody knows
that you got a dark side
Everywhere you go
trailer broken hearts behind
You let ‘em fall
you leave ‘em all
and you never look back
I should’ve known better than to get closer
cause a guy like you has a devil on both shoulders

Jesus” .. all I can say is WOW! This song definitely speaks to me in so many ways. I was able to connect to this song almost immediately the first time I heard it. Its too easy to let your faith take a backseat to the crazy and hecticness going on in your life. The amazing thing is no matter how we live our life Jesus is there. The chorus can very easily bring you to tears. This is a very powerful song I know will speak to a lot of people in their own lives right now.

I believe in the cross
I still have faith
I’ve prayed the prayer
and I’ve been saved
but its been a while since I’ve been to church on Sunday
I wanna live my life with no regrets
I’m not perfect
I’m gonna do my best starting today
cause I don’t wanna meet Jesus this way

Probably my favorite song on the EP is “Whiskey”. Filling all the emotions you feel from the absence of others by sitting at a bar enjoying a glass with one of her “friends”. The lyrics are very catchy and had me singing along right with Kirstie. Her heart was broken, but she’ll find relief in Jack, Jim, Johnny, and Mark.

Cause Jack picked me up in Tennessee
and Jim got to me to Kentucky
and Johnny helped me through my darkest days
and Mark was there when he wouldn’t stay
I haven’t had the best company
but at least the whiskey don’t leave

“Simple Livin’ “ LOVE LOVE LOVE… Simple Livin’ is a song about being in love filled with a fun beat, great melody, catchy lyrics, and a banjo solo- what more could you want? This is going to be the song all the girls are going to wanna sing a long to. Kirstie even sings the verses in a faster pace in a, can we call it, touch of southern rap? This is song is too good not to want to dance to.

All I want is Simple Livin’
Summer Nights and Front Porch Sittin’
It won’t be the same
If I can’t take your name
If you knew what I was thinkin’
barefoot in the hammock swingin’
you took me away
and marry me today

I think Kirstie picked a great well rounded mix in the 5 songs she presents us in this EP. I will definitely be purchasing this EP as soon as it comes out. I think a lot of people are really going to enjoy Kirstie’s voice and country sound. This very passionate singer/song writer is headed for big things.

Samantha Dawn Mutschler

Samantha Dawn Mutschler

I am a country music loving cowgirl with a passion for helping kids with cancer. I was born and raised in Orlando, FL where I currently reside. When I am not submerged in country music, I am a professional photographer, social media junkie, and most importantly devoted to children with cancer. Jesus has blessed me with the gift of crocheting and I started my organization, Unraveled by Samantha Dawn, where I make crochet hats and wigs. I have also had the opportunity to meet and spend time with some of the children that I have made hats for. I look to Country Music for comfort, joy, and relaxing. It’s cool to be part of the very best fan base ever!

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