ALBUM REVIEW: Luke Bryan “Spring Break 6…Like We Ain’t Ever” EP


I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited for the new Luke Bryan, “Spring Break 6…Like We Ain’t Ever” EP, which was released today.

Call me a little biased but for me, no matter what Luke sings about: trucks, dirt roads, country girls shaking it for him, pretty girls by his side in his truck, crashing his party, his kind of night, or drinking a beer, I can always find a pureness in his vocals. It’s not just the fact that he sings with that pureness, it’s the fact that he is just plain real, staying true to himself and his down home Leesburg, GA roots.

This time around this country boy brings us back to the beach telling us stories of “something in the springtime air and one nightlasting forever because once it’s gone you can’t ever get it back, filling up on the feel good, and partying, not knowing anybetter, like we ain’t ever.”

Another feel good song is “She Get Me High,” which has a Tom PettyFree Falling,” feel to it, a song about a girl always wanting to dance who “gets him high, gets him low, she got the key to this old bronco, in her bare feet or in her high heels, no matter how she’s moving it’s all the same thrill.”

Luke definitely did well this time around picking songs for “Spring Break 6,” because for me living in Wisconsin with Spring that isn’t seeming to come fast enough this one really gave me something to look forward to. Of course, yes, I am a little biased because for me, Luke could sing me the names and numbers from the phone book and I would buy it. What does it for me is that backwards hat wearing Georgia country boy singing songs about real life and what he has lived through, those are the stories worth singing about. Be sure to go shake it for Luke, I mean, shake your booty on over to iTunes or Amazon today and pick up “Spring Break 6…Like We Wain’t Ever,”

Luke will love you for it!

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