Album Review: Russell Dickerson “Yours”

Russell Dickerson released his first debut album on Friday, October 20th. I could not have been more excited to wake up on Friday and see that it had downloaded! Dickerson has a voice that is so captivating you listen and hang on to every word. By Saturday afternoon “Yours” was sitting at number 2 on the iTunes Country Charts and it was more than deserving of the spot.

Several songs, Every Little Thing, Yours, MGNO, and Blue Tacoma were previously released on his “Yours- EP.” These songs have already taken the country music scene by storm thanks to Dickerson’s The Bachelorette debut! Dickerson has been touring a lot this year making appearances on tour with Thomas Rhett, Florida Georgia Line, and his own headlining shows. Check out what all of the new songs have in store for you!

This album is a love letter to wife, Kailey. You see this portrayed in songs like All Fall Down where we see Dickerson singing a song about a night spent with someone. We see this portrayed in You Look Like a Love Song. This song has a bluesy feel where Dickerson talks about how he has never set eyes on something so sweet. He talks about how she looks like a love song to him. twentysomething talks about how when you are twenty something you are getting ready to start life. It talks about how you’re all in regardless of if you think the love might last. The song shares how we might feel crazy, but that’s the dream. While we have had Yours for a while now, with this album you get the special Wedding Version, again vying his love for his wife!

The album is full of fun songs as well. Float talks about how you just want to go to the river, float, and cool down while you have a few drinks. This song makes me think of a summer day at the lake spending some time on the boat or floating in a kayak down a river.

This album is full of hits, but here a few of my new favorites.

“Would You Love Me”

This song is Dickerson asking what if I run out of money or can’t make your dreams come true, would you still love me? This song is him trying to figure out if you still love him because he loves you.

I would love you till the sun burns out … I would love you till we’re old and gray, I would love you till we’re runnin’ out of days, hear me baby when I say I would love you, I would love you, I would love you.

“Low Key”

This song talks about how you could either go out for a night on the town for a nice night, bar hop with friends, or stay at home for a low key night.

Baby we can keep it low key, girl it sure sounds good staying in and keeping you close to me, all dressed down with nowhere we’re supposed to be, what you think of being homebodies, just a box of wine and you and me, we can keep it low key.


“Billions” talks about how if loving someone was money that the relationship you’re in would make you rich because it’s so good. This song has a great vibe that makes it so bouncy and fun feeling.

“If loving was money we’d make it all the way to the bank, raking it in by the billions, cash stacked up to the ceilings, living on champaign and chocolate somewhere exotic, kissing on a beach along, cause we bought it.

The future is bright for Dickerson. This album and these songs may be just what he needs to continue growing and making his mark on country music. Dickerson is one to watch and I can’t wait to see where this upcoming year takes him.

Christine Tully

Christine Tully

I grew up in a small rural town in Ohio. I grew up on 90s country music with songs like Strawberry Wine and artists like Kenny Chesney playing on the radio. I grew up listening to only country music and to this day still do. If you ask anyone who knows me they will probably tell you, I am always at a show. People don’t typically ask what I have been doing, they typically ask “What was the last show you went to?” or “Who are you going to see next?”. My current favorites include Clark Manson and Drew Baldridge. There’s just something about knowing and believing in an artist and then watching people slowly fall in love with their music that will always attract me to this genre!

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