ALBUM REVIEW: Saints Eleven “Coming Back Around”

“This new release depicts a man a little wiser for the wear, a soul on the mend who is resolved in sharing a living space with the pain of the past.” (RPR Marketing & Public Relations)

Reading press releases are part of music reviewer’s job. Rarely though do they leave one wondering what all did these people live through that lead to that statement?

Saints Eleven frontman Jeff Grossman wanted fellow Texan singer/writer Walt Wilkins to produce the band’s upcoming album, Coming Back Around.

“I was drawn first to Jeff’s voice- real and raw and wild, with a wide sky of emotion. Then, I started getting these songs-well-crafted stories about real folks in this real world, with all of its complexities and hard edges. His writing voice is unique, clear and strong, and the band played for keeps. I dig these guys. It was a real ass-kicking pleasure to make this album with Saints Eleven.”  (Walt Wilkins)

The end result, Saints Eleven (Jeff Grossman, Jeff Mosley, Alex Shepherd) music with Walt’s production skills, is, well, music to your ears (and soul).

The lyrics of songs combine with instrumental sounds to give you an album that will have you listening over and over trying to grasp the subtle and not-so-subtle reflections of a man who has lived life.

Watch Jeff working on the title track in “Live in the Living Room USA Saints Eleven – Coming Back Around” 

That same press release went on to say that the trio’s music is a mix of … “vintage honky tonk … electrified bluegrass … fueled by years of punk and hard rock influence. “Definitely sounds like life lived.

Coming Back Around (including the title track, (“Crying Time” “Let Them Go”, “The Same”) will be released January 13, 2017. This is the trio’s third album (I’ll Be Fine, I Told You).


Donna Block

Donna Block

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