ALBUM REVIEW: Sarah Davidson “Sarah Davidson”


Those of you who tune in to the TNT reality series, Private Lives Of Nashville Wives may recognize Sarah Davidson, who landed a role on this series, as well as hear a song from her in each episode. I was able to catch an episode or two of this show and was really impressed with Sarah’s music mainly because her voice is unadulterated and you can really get an idea of how much it really means to her to sing music that not only showcases her vocals, but tell a story and give the audience her perspective while creating that connection between life and the music.

Sarah has experienced what it’s like to pick up and move to another state, the feel of a new romance, and even what it’s like to lose love, what makes this good music is that it is coming from experience, it puts you in her shoes and takes you through moments we have all experienced at one time or another and make you feel like you aren’t alone on this journey through life.

Be sure to check out her single, “Drink You Up,” it’s a good one, off her new EP which was released today HERE. You can also hear more of her music on Private Lives of Nashville Wives¬†on Monday nights!

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