April Kry “While We’re Young” Single Review

Being young and carefree go hand in hand. Some may view it as cliché, but it’s pretty accurate. April Kry’s new single, “While We’re Young,” is all about loving and living life to its fullest. It’s a catchy new tune that showcases Kry’s strong vocal range.

“While We’re Young” follows a couple over the course of a night. He shows up at her doorstep at midnight and it causes her heart to beat… They know they don’t have much time to “chase the moon to the sunrise” and she just wants to get lost in his eyes. It’s about knowing you don’t have much time to be carefree, but encourages you to do something about it. While you’re young, take the time to love like crazy, to run free and be who you want to be.

“Flying high, falling fast. Makin every second last. Giving in, giving it up while we’re young. Lovin crazy, running free, being who you want to be – while we’re young…”

They end up on a blanket under the stars & she says it never felt so right. “Get lost in the music of the night.”

Like I said, it’s a catchy song that has a great love story & even better advise. Don’t wait until you are too old to get out & enjoy life. Take the time now to do what makes you happy & experience new things. Experience love – while you’re young.

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Written by Stefanie Richardson

Stefanie Richardson

Stefanie Richardson

I was born & raised in Orlando, FL. I love living here, but my dream and goal is to be in Nashville sooner rather than later.. I grew up on country music and remember riding around in my dad’s truck singing along to Reba, The Judds, and of course King George. Pure Country was a movie that played often in our house. These days, I absolutely love following “up and coming” artists. Anyone who knows me knows that Cale Dodds is my favorite; and when he’s touring anywhere in the southeast, I’m at his show. I love everything about country music; the way artists appreciate their fan base, the loyalty the fans show their favorite performers, and how it brings people together. I can thank country music for allowing me to meet some awesome people, and some who have become dear friends.

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