Black River Entertainment Signs Jacob Davis

Black River Entertainment Signs Jacob Davis

Jacob Davis hosted a private show for his faithful following known as the Jacob Davis Squad during CMA Fest in Nashville. “The Squad” has been instrumental in Davis gaining fans and followers over the past year. They send CDs to anyone who requests one, all on their dime; and have a great social media presence. If you see a Jacob Davis concert, you can guarantee you’ll see Squad members in the front row. Jennifer Solorzano puts it this way -“Being a part of the Jacob Davis Squad is such an honor. These women, who have become some of my very best friends, are beyond talented, extremely loyal, and beautifully humble. Everything that we do is as a team and it all comes straight from our hearts.”

June 10, 2016 is a day that Jacob and his Squad will never forget. During the intimate show, Black River Entertainment CEO Gordon Kerr spoke to the crowd. Davis signed a publishing deal with Black River recently, so it totally made sense for Kerr to be there. What Davis wasn’t expecting was for Jennifer Solorzano to interrupt the CEO of his publishing house while he was speaking. Little did he know, Kerr had spoken to Solorzano previously and this was all part of a much larger plan. Solorzano handed Davis a present as Kerr stepped out of the way to allow Davis to open it. Inside the box was a something that would change Davis’ life forever. Solorzano said When Gordon Kerr asked if we had a squad leader and the girls were gracious enough to point my way, I was very honored. Little did I know that Gordon was going to ask me to interrupt his speech and present Jacob with a surprise gift. Then finding out that inside that gift was Jacob’s record deal made my heart swell for sure. Having as much faith in Jacob as I do, I couldn’t have been more proud to be a part of that moment. I knew from the instant I saw Jacob play live that he was something special and him signing a record deal today only validates the talent our squad sees in him. I have a feeling this squad is about to get just a little bit bigger and I can’t wait for that to happen.”

Once Kerr confirmed that the paperwork in the box was a record deal, Davis said, “are you for real right now?” with a shocked look on his face. Kerr then addressed the crowd again and said, “Over the last several months, we have been working out, first of all that Jacob is a Black River writer. But, the day that Jacob signed his writer’s deal, it was very obvious that Jacob would become a Black River artist.” Davis, with a huge smile on his face, then signed the record deal with his band at his side, and Squad in front of him. Squad member Robin Andrews said, “It was a very memorable experience for me to see one of my favorites start from scratch, sign a record deal, and live his dream. We didn’t just see a signing of a contract, we saw the changing of a life.”

Jacob Davis is the real deal, and is so deserving of this huge accomplishment. From all of us at Got Country, congratulations Jacob!!

(Check out a full video of the moment thanks to the Jacob Davis Squad –

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