Bucky Covington Appears On Daytime Medical Talk Show The Doctors With His Daughter

Bucky Covington will be appearing on an episode of the daytime medical talk show The Doctors tomorrow, Friday February 27th, with his family to raise awareness about a cause that is very close to their hearts: the use of a heart medication to help with a rare form of birthmark requiring treatment. Bucky’s infant daughter Kennedy was diagnosed with Infantile Hemangiomas at 3 weeks old. After conferring with specialists, Bucky and fiancé Katherine decided that the best choice for their daughter would be to start a treatment process to reverse the advancing of the birthmark preventing permanent damage to the skin.

The singer will chat with Dr. Jen Ashton and Dr. Travis Stork about the positive results he and his family have seen in hopes of spreading the word of this unusual solution and help others who might be dealing with a similar situation.

For airtime and TV station for The Doctors, please check your local listings or CLICK HERE.


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