CONCERT REVIEW: Party in the Park with 103.5 WEZL (Week Two)

Week One of  WEZL’s Party in the Park was such a success with Love and Theft, Natalie Stovall and the Drive, and Katie Armiger. You can check out that write up with pictures HERE. Week Two includes Eric Paslay, The Swon Brothers, and local Danielle Howle. I’m pretty sure the crowd has already doubled since week one. Traffic and parking were a nightmare!




Local musician Danielle Howle won the opening spot in this week’s Party in the Park during a competition at Awendaw Green. I will admit, her indie vibe wasn’t my thing so after a song or two I headed into the VIP room for meet & greets with The Swon Brothers and Eric Paslay. I couldn’t use my phone for a picture during the M&G so I’ll upload the one WEZL took as soon as they post it. Colton Swon was a hoot. I think he was looking for a Q&A session at the M&G but we were rushed through the line. Eric Paslay on the other hand is so shy, but so tall.


The Swon Brothers have such a great stage presence. I didn’t watch them on The Voice. Did they have it then? Or did The Voice help them out with that? Colton loves to pick on his brother Zach Swon. He was constantly telling the audience if they wanted a good picture to make sure they crop Zach out of it. Poor Zach made a joke about taking a picture “all by my selfie” that didn’t quite go over well with the crowd. I thought it was funny Zach! They love to interact with their fans. They played a few songs from their time on The Voice and a great Eagles medley too. I believe their set only included 3 or 4 of their own songs, the popular one being their hit single “Later On”.


I think Eric Paslay is still getting the hang of things as a songwriter turned singer. He’s still so quiet on the stage. It wasn’t until halfway through his set that he started to open up and talk. I knew he wrote his first big single “Friday Night for Lady Antebellum but I didn’t know about “Barefoot Blue Jean Night” (Jake Owen), “Angel Eyes” (Love and Theft), and “Rewind” (Rascal Flatts). I definitely liked his original version of “Rewind” better. He finally told a story. When he sat down to start his first album, his producer asked him what he wanted to write about. He replied “Real life.” And that is what you get with his debut album. Hearing “She Don’t Love You” live actually made me cry. Did you know “Never Really Wanted” was actually his first single almost 3 years ago? “Song About a Girl” is my favorite though. Eric ended the night with “Friday Night” which we all wished it was Friday instead of Tuesday. But since it’s not, it was back home I went to blog and count down the days until Party in the Park next week.

Party in the Park is halfway over! I can’t wait for week three with Jana Kramer, Charlie Worsham, and local McKenna Andrews. Music starts at 6 but make sure to get there early for a good spot. You can check with 103.5 WEZL, HERE, for more details!



Danielle Mercer

Danielle Mercer

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