Duck Dynasty Family To Launch Line Of Camouflage Guns In 2014



The Robertson family — who brushed with controversy after patriarch Phil Robertson waded in and out of a suspension from their hit A&E reality show, Duck Dynasty, have partnered with Connecticut-based gun maker Mossberg on the line of nine shotguns, two rifles and a semi-automatic pistol.


The embattled elder Robertson narrates four promotional videos for the camouflage-covered weapons, touting its ability to blast away birds.


The Duck Commander series of guns, which aren’t available for purchase yet online, include one high-capacity pistol.


The .22 caliber 715P Pistol can hold 26 rounds and is described as “perfect for small game, plinking, target shooting — or clearing cottonmouths out of your duck blind,” according to the company’s website.




The latest venture comes on the heels of Robertson’s reinstatement by the network. The duck hunter extraordinaire shot himself in the foot last month after making comments to GQ magazine about African-Americans and homosexuals.  Adding more fuel to the fire, a video emerged earlier this week of the eldest Robertson advocating men to marry girls as young as 15.


While bashed by gay and civil rights advocates, Robertson has garnered support from conservatives, including Sarah Palin and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, for exercising free speech and standing up for Christian values.


Supporters collected over 200,000 signatures on at least two online petition drives that demanded Robertson’s reinstatement and an apology from the network.  A&E listened and Phil will resume filming in the spring.


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