First Jumping Out Of Planes, Now Swimming With Sharks What Will Brett Eldredge Do For His Next #1

Brett Eldredge is a daring man.  One year ago after jumping out of a perfectly fine airplane to celebrate his first #1 single “Don’t Ya,” – now he is going to the bottom of the ocean for his second one.

On an expedition arranged through the non-profit ground Rock the Ocean, Brett and some friends went swimming with the fishes on Wednesday, to celebrate “Beat of the Music” going to the top.

“It’s so hard to get to the top of the charts, you push yourself so much, it feels like you should push a little further to celebrate once you do,” Eldredge told PEOPLE.  “I like to push myself to live life to the fullest.”

Brett just released “Mean to Me” earlier this week, so what is next if the singer makes that his third #1?

“I just want to enjoy this one right now,” he says. “Today was the best day of my life, for real! Tonight is all about a couple of drinks at a local Bahamian bar, celebrating life and what we just accomplished. A fan sent me a Jaws tank top, so I might be wearing that. I’m a lucky guy to be able to do this kind of thing, and a lucky guy to be on dry land ready to drink some rum.”

For the time being he sure has a great photo to remember this event.





(Photo Credit: Ryan Silver/PEOPLE)

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