Lee Brice Featured In Redbook’s September Issue

Lee Brice, The burly, 6-foot-3-inch star behind megahits like “I Drive Your Truck” and “A Woman Like You” gets honest about his favorite topic – love.

In the September issue of Redbook, which is on newsstands now, Lee shows his softer side.


How his hit song, “I Don’t Dance” became the wedding song of the summer:

“Well, it was made to be a wedding song. The whole time I was writing it, I was thinking, ‘This is our first dance.’ I recorded a live acoustic version when I wrote it – that’s what played at our wedding, and those vocals actually ended up on the record. It stayed personal.”

On saying that love is a choice:

“You can have a feeling, and then feel like you don’t want to be in that relationship anymore because of some problem. But to love someone means that even if your heart is broken, you choose to get through it. You commit.”

While busy touring with Luke Bryan, what he does on his down-time in Nashville with his wife, Sara:

“Our date nights are just being at home. I’m on the road a lot, and it makes us appreciate our time together. I think a lot of people lose that in everyday life – when you come home from work every day, maybe you take for granted the time you have with your family. We don’t.”

To read more of Lee’s interview with Redbook click HERE,

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