“Live from Got Country It’s Saturday Night!”

Not exactly? Well I am typing this on a Saturday Night, so it sort of applies.

Saturday Night Live has been a televised institution about to start it’s 40th season on the air. But I’ll admit that these days I probably couldn’t tell you who was in the cast or name any popular sketches (I was a fan in the “glory days” of the 1990s with Phil Hartman’s Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer and even later in the decade with the Celebrity Jeopardy bit).

But maybe that would change if they would consider bringing a Country star in to host every once in awhile. Country artists are recognized as some of the best and most fun entertainers out there, but SNL has only had two (Garth Brooks twice, and Taylor Swift) take hosting duties. Here are five that are definitely “Ready for Prime Time.”


Blake Shelton


Why hasn’t this happened yet? Whether he’s Tweeting, playing a concert, doing his coaching thing on The Voice, his snarky quick wit leaves jaws dropped and posteriors literally laughed off. If you’ve been following Country at all recently, then you can quote at least one Blake one-liner. And he’s already been a ratings draw for NBC. Remember his “Not So Family Christmas Special” from a couple years back? I imagine that’s what his SNL episode would be like.



Brad Paisley & Carrie Underwood

There’s a reason why Brad & Carrie get called back to host the CMA Awards every year without question. No two entertainers play off each other the way that they do. Now take that and mix in sketches with characters and costumes, and you’ve got yourself a show that’s going to take long-term residency in DVRs all over.



Like I asked with Blake, how has this not yet happened? Reba is one of the most respected entertainers in the music world, and she’s proven her comedy chops with her successful sitcom in the 2000s (and one recently that didn’t do so well but she was still funny in it!). Having a legendary female artist leading the show would be a breakthrough for women in Country. And maybe we could throw in her former co-star Melissa Peterman for old time’s sake.


Luke Bryan

Sketches about skinny jeans and shaking it. That’s all I need to say.


Florida Georgia Line

Think of a “bro-country” version of Wayne’s World and you’ll see where I’m going with this. Also I really want to see these guys do a collaboration with The Lonely Island (Justin Timberlake included).


What country artist would like to see host Saturday Night Live?  Leave us a comment below.

One thought on ““Live from Got Country It’s Saturday Night!”

  • August 11, 2014 at 8:00 pm

    I would love to see Country Artists host Saturday Night Live. Great article BTW. Love our choices except the last one. Not a fan of them, But Blake, Reba, Luke, Carrie and Brad are all great choices. Course my favorite would be Chris Young! 😉


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