Maddie & Tae Release Hysterical Video To “Girl In A Country Song” Exclusively To NPR

Maddie & Tae boldly bring a fresh perspective to the radio waves, giving a voice to the often trivialized, “Girl In A Country Song.” NPR exclusively shared the vision earlier today, premiering the official music video for the female duo’s cheeky debut single on Dot Records. While gaining a lot of recent attention, the esteemed outlet notes, “Maddie Marlow, who is 19 years old, and Tae Dye, who is 18, made it abundantly clear that they’re aiming to tweak country’s conventions, not tear them down.” Watch the unique video HERE, shot outside of Nashville with director TK McKamy.

Additionally, “Girl In A Country” song was the most-added song at Country radio this week.

Maddie & Tae will make their national television debut August 11 on NBC’s TODAY .

Maddie & Tae, who penned the tune with Big Machine Music staff writer Aaron Scherz, merged their love of mainstream Country and traditional upbringing into the confident yet carefree track. “…it’s no mystery why this singing and songwriting pair from the neighboring states of Texas (Marlow) and Oklahoma (Dye) has built such buzz. Excellent timing, for one thing. They’ve arrived on the heels of listener fatigue, offering a different vantage point. And it certainly doesn’t hurt that they have a feel for intertwining their voices, executing their phrasing and crafting their hooks for maximum smartly sweet impact,” surmises Rolling Stone Country.

Maddie & Tae are currently on the road for their first Country radio tour.

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