Miranda Lambert’s Mutt Nation Foundation Donates More Than $250K To Animal Shelters Nationwide



Miranda Lambert‘s MuttNation Foundation has announced their Mutts Across America: 50 States/50 Shelters initiative. A total of $253,660 was donated to shelters in each of the 50 states, with the minimum donation to an individual shelter being $3000.


Miranda Lambert said, “We are thrilled to be able to reach out to every state and recognize shelters and organizations working at a grassroots level to help animals.  It’s those people on the ground, day in and day out, who really make a huge difference.”


Miranda’s love of animals led to the formation of MuttNation. The foundation has successfully raised money across the country in order to aid organizations, government institutions or entities that build animal shelters for better care, increased pet adoption and encouragement of responsible pet guardianship, rehabilitation of sick or unsocialized animals, spay/neuter programs, reduce/eliminate euthanasia of healthy animals, and train shelter dogs for purposes of therapy programs, assistance for wounded military personnel, and dogs-in-prisons programs.  The mission of the organization is to end animal suffering and homelessness on every front.


For a complete list of shelters receiving donations, go to MuttNationFoundation.com.


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