Scotty McCreery Loves the Patriots, and Takes Down Twitter Heckler

Let’s just say that Football is a sad topic around the water coolers in my area after the Patriots’ dismal performance last night.

But it helps a bit to know that Scotty McCreery feels our pain too, as he vented on Twitter:

 Apparently a self-appointed sports expert didn’t think the American Idol-winning crooner was qualified to talk about the game:

Ouch, a nasty verbal tackle. But McCreery goes on defense:

Heckler goes for the Hail Mary of Twitter insults, and fumbles:

And Scotty picks up the ball and runs to the end zone!

Touchdown McCreery!

Looking back at the instant replay, Scotty was hit by the overused “throw a childish insult on Twitter” play and responded with as much class as he could. Good sportsmanship.

With that out of the way, maybe we could get a motivational tune for the team Scotty? This season is already off to a depressing start.

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