SINGLE REVIEW: Ashley Monroe “On To Something Good”

“Wheels are gonna rust If they don’t turn enough,
And so the story goes
Yeah, I’ve been one of those worn and faded by the rain
Days are gonna fly
Draw lines around your eyes
It’ll make you bitter, it’ll make you wise
it’s coming either way”

The opening lyrics to Ashley Monroe’s latest single, “On To Something Good“, offer a refreshing perspective on living in the present. Keeping faith during life’s low points will guide you along the road to all the high ones ahead.

“I like that the song is hopeful and it’s saying, ‘Hey, we’ve all been there. We all know what it’s like to be down and out, but there’s hope if you keep on going. And if you do you will be on to something good.’”

Co-written with Luke Laird and Barry Dean, the song is the first single from her upcoming third album, produced by Vince Gill and Justin Niebank. Vince also produced her sophomore album, Like A Rose. Released in 2013, it was highly praised for its traditional country sound. From the sound of this latest uptempo tune, expect more of the same on her next CD from Warner Bros./WMN.

Ashley Monroe – On To Something Good (Behind The Scenes Teaser)


“I can’t tell you how or where I’m heading now
But, the winding of the road is steadying my soul
Feels like I’m coming home
Oh yeah
It’s in the wind that’s blowing, it’s in the red wine
Life’s got it’s way of showing when it’s the right time”

Ashley will join The Vince Gill & Friends Tour next month, along with Charlie Worsham and Jenny Gill.

“This won’t be a guitar pull, where one person sings while the others listen and wait for their turn. We’ll all be pitching in, picking and singing harmony for each other and doing each other’s songs. It will be a musical collaboration — not a headliner with opening acts.” (Vince Gill)

You can also hear Ashley duet with Blake Shelton on his current chart topper “Lonely Tonight“.

On To Something Good” is set to hit radio on March 9th.

Donna Block

Donna Block

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