SINGLE REVIEW: Brett Eldredge “Mean To Me”

It’s no surprise, I am completely in love with Brett Eldredge. But putting that fact aside, when I learned through a subtle announcement on Brett’s Facebook account that “Mean to Me” would be the next single from his highly coveted album “Bring You Back” I nearly jumped up with joy; the entire album is stellar however there is something particularly vulnerable and romantic about 9th track. Perhaps it’s the strong emphasis on the acoustic guitar or the very whimsical way Eldredge sings, but when listening to this song I can’t help be feel simply beautiful.

As a woman and an avid fan of country music I am a sucker for lyrics; if you can’t have a good story or meaning in the song I am normally not a fan. Eldredge and co-writer Scooter Carusoe really knocked it out of the park with this one, exceeded any expectations I may have had:

If mine could be the name that changes yours

The wine in your glass

The swing on your porch

The dollar in your pocket and the peaceful in your sleep

Then I’d be what you mean to me

How beautifully simple is that? And if that did not get you feeling all kinds of warm inside, the chorus will suck you in:

Standing here

watching you

turning every head in this crowded room

The lights down low

Dancing slow

Oh if falling’s how you feel

And perfect’s what you see

Then I’d be what you mean to me

This song is everything a woman wants a man to feel about her and should be the way a man feels about the woman he loves. It. is. classic. Having recently proclaimed he would like to make old-fashioned gentlemen ways fashionable again, Eldredge is well on his way to accomplishing that goal with this new release. That man just radiates himself as a gentleman from a different era, and men and women alike were infatuated with him, as you can read in GCO’s concert review, HERE,  on his performance at The Dallas Bull in Tampa, FL. This reviewer is more than happy to see it is making a comeback through Brett and his music.

Listen to “Mean to Me” below,  then head on over to to experience why Brett Eldredge is a name that will be around for a long time. And always, make sure to check out Got Country Online for all of your latest country music news.

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