SINGLE REVIEW: Carrie Underwood “Something In The Water”

I was all out of hope and all out of fight

Couldn’t fight back the tears so I fell on my knees

Saying, “God, if you’re there come and rescue me”

Felt love pouring down from above

Struggles. We all face them. How we deal with those challenges affects everyone around us. Call it spiritual chain reactions. Call it paying it forward. Just call on it.

Gonna look ahead, no turning back

Live everyday, give it all that I have

Trust in someone bigger than me

Ever since the day that I believed I am changed

And now I’m stronger

There must be something in the water

Let go. Rise above. Free yourself. Open up to change. Faith. Live it.

Carrie Underwood co-wrote her latest single, “Something in the Water,” with Chris DeStefano and Brett James. The song will be on her next album, Greatest Hits: Decade #1, to be released this December. Carrie’s vocals lift the lyrics sky high and there’s no denying she sings them straight from her heart.

On a side note, Carrie is the featured artist on “All Is Well” (the song is on Michael W. Smith’s just released album, The Spirit of Christmas).

Donna Block

Donna Block

I’ve been privileged to write album reviews for Got Country Online since 2012. John Berry,John Michael Montgomery, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Alan Jackson their music caught my ear, their lyrics caught my heart. Country music is my go-to, whether my day is great or not. I love to crank up old and new tunes, kick back and enjoy!

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