SINGLE REVIEW: Chris Young “Lonely Eyes”

Since the rumor mill started swirling that “Lonely Eyes” was going to be the third single released from Chris Young‘s fourth studio album, “A.M.”, this reviewer became very excited – admittedly I may be biased due to the fact I am a fan of Young’s voice and it’s my favorite song on the album, however I will be objective, reviewing the song out of that mindset and into one of a professional.

That being said, this song is still amazing. With it slated to hit airwaves shortly it’s different from what we’ve grown used to hear on country radio: it has a story. A very detailed story, might I add, beautifully written by Johnny Bulford (who was recently Spotlighted on GCO), Jason Mathews and Laura Veltz: the imagery in the lyrics are so poignant you feel as if you’re a spectator to the scene:

They analyze your glass of wine

Roll away a pickup line

Now and then they check your phone

Catch mine and let ’em go

From the little bit I’ve seen

They’re the perfect shade of green

Next time they come my way

Heaven help me make ’em stay

Who hasn’t been in a scenario where they were they were out (anywhere, not just a bar as in the song), saw someone who caught their eye and couldn’t help but study them, wanting to grab their attention as well?

Lonely eyes

Well, it sure looks like

You just might

Be looking for something

For something, whoa

Look at me

And I think You’ll see

Those Lonely Eyes

Don’t have to be alone tonight

Add Young’s strong vocals to the lyrics and it is musical gold. One of Young’s best attributes as a singer is his depth; he masters emotions in his vocals, and during parts of this song you can feel his frustration at the thought of letting the object of his admiration get away:

Don’t make me pay my tab

Catch a cab

Go home and kick myself to sleep tonight

Gimme a sign

Just a smile

Baby, I’ll be glad to lose myself deep inside

Lonely eyes

Coming off his 6th #1, I have no doubt that this one will find itself to the top of the charts for Young. It’s a fan favorite on “A.M.” and at Young’s shows. Listen to the audio below to hear why this reviewer is so excited about this release and expect it on radio beginning August 25th.

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