SINGLE REVIEW: Cole Swindell “Aint Worth the Whiskey”

I’m not one bit surprised at all by the fast success that Cole Swindell has had so far. The success he has had in such a short amount of time only proves that good guys never finish last. Cole’s fast rising career has included signing with Warner Bros. Records in July 2013, and his hit single “Chillin’ It” skyrocketing up the charts a few months later to the song being certified Platinum. If that’s not enough to prove to you that Cole Swindell has what it takes to make it in this business, he landed a spot on Luke Bryan‘s, “That’s My Kinda Night,” Tour which sold-out at various stadiums across the US and will wrap up at the end of October in Los Angeles at the Hollywood Bowl. Swindell’s second release off of the album, “Hope You Get Lonely Tonight,” in which the guy in the song escapes loneliness with a girl who’s had him, “hooked for a while” and hopes they can elude the idea of spending the night apart from one another. I couldn’t imagine a better follow-up to this song, which will be Cole’s third single from the album than, “Ain’t Worth The Whiskey,” because sometimes that other person really isn’t worth a heartbreak, your time, another thought/memory, or in all reality, the whiskey.

‘Cause I’m drinking to a country song. To another long work week gone

And I’m raising my glass to a long lost buddy I ain’t seen.

I might stay for one more round
Or I might close this place down
But don’t think for a second I’m out to drown your memory

Baby, you ain’t worth the whiskey.

And if that’s not enough to prove to you he is the real deal, be sure to catch Cole on his continuous rise to fame this fall, this time on his Down Home Tour. For a list of dates click: HERE.

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