SINGLE REVIEW: Colt Ford “Workin’ On”

Colt Ford is back with a new release, “Workin’ On,” from the upcoming album Thanks For Listening, which will be available on July 1st. If you’re familiar with Colt’s previous work he has had a lot of guest appearances in the past. One of my particular favorites by Colt is the “Drivin’ Around Song,” which featured Jason Aldean.

For myself, that’s the last I had heard from Colt. This one gives us a side to Colt that we have never seen before, a song that brings as many catchy lyrics as the past songs he has released, but this time it’s all him on this one. July 14th will be the day this one impacts radio outlets. But, I suggest checking out the album before then if you like the style, lyrics, and the kind of music that Colt brings to the genre. With a style all his own, there isn’t any doubt that those who enjoyed his previous work, will enjoy this one as well.

Workin’ on
Coming to Jesus
Kickin’ the bottle
Wrestlin’ with our roots
Tryin’ to turn off Mama’s tears
And fill our Daddy’s boots
Shuttin’ off our pride
Fixin’ bridges we’ve burned
Learnin’ how to live
And learn
Keepin’ our demons down
And our trucks up and runnin’
Lovin’ them angels sittin’ pretty in the middle of ’em
Fightin’ with the man in the mirror till we gone
Yeah, that’s what all us good ol’ boys
Gonna go out workin’ on

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