SINGLE REVIEW: Erik Dylan “Where The Party At”



Ok, this probably won’t ever be compared to actress Lana Turner being discovered at a Hollywood soda fountain in the late ‘30s, but Erik Dylan is probably very thankful that Kip Moore discovered him at a Nashville songwriter’s hangout.


The Kansas-native and fourth generation farmer had moved to Tennessee with a guitar and a dream.


Kip contacted his producer/publisher Brett James who in turn signed writer Erik. His songs have been recorded by JT Hodges, Chad Brownlee, Robin Meade, Randy Montana, and, yes, Kip.


Where The Party At is writer Erik’s first single as the artist. This review began mentioning an actress, so here’s a film analogy to describe the fun ‘falling for someone you just met’ song. Some actors lack chemistry and the movie bombs. Other times the storyline is so over the top you squirm watching it. With this debut, Erik got it just right (hey, maybe this analogy is more Goldilocks and the Three Bears ).


“Girl that dress is a loaded gun

And you look like you like to have fun

So tell me where the party at

I’ll show up with a smile & a cold 6 pack

You got me wanting you bad 

I see ya looking at me like I’m a VIP”


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