SINGLE REVIEW: Filmore “Goodnight”

Filmore released a new single, “Goodnight”, on Friday. It’s pretty much been on repeat since then. Part of the reason is because I wanted to write this review, so I needed to listen to it. However, let’s just be honest – the song is THAT good. The more you listen, the more you love it.

“Goodnight” is all about an epic night of a couple that meets at a party. He’s on his way out as she’s on her way in, and that changes everything. He thinks he’ll just get her name and then head out, but that clearly doesn’t happen.

“Didn’t wanna stay too late, but I had to try and get your name – then I’m gone. But I’ve never been so wrong.”

The idea isn’t to go too fast, to force something to last, or to think too much. The goal is to just enjoy the night; whether that’s just grabbing a drink & keeping it light, or finding a roof with a view until sunrise. Just enjoy the night and make it memorable.

“Somewhere between that hello and that goodbye… we gotta make it a good night, before we say goodnight.”

Filmore’s vocals really shine on “Goodnight.” It’s catchy. It sounds great. You have no problem picturing the whole scenario in your head as the song goes on. It can really be an anthem for simply enjoying your time and just making the night count. Make it a good night before you have to say goodnight.

You can check out “Goodnight” HERE!

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Stefanie Richardson

Stefanie Richardson

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