SINGLE REVIEW: Jake Owen “What We Ain’t Got”

Once in a awhile a completely stripped down song hits the airwaves, and this time around it is Jake Owen‘s “What We Ain’t Got“. Coming off of the fifth #1 hit “Beachin” from his sophomore studio album Days of Gold, this new single is magically beautiful, with just Owen, a piano, a steel guitar and a backup vocalist. Written by Travis Meadows and Travis Jerome Goff, the lyrics are memorizing and display depth, something that everyone can relate to in this rat-race of life – we all want more than what we have:

We all want what we ain’t got

Our favorite doors are always locked

On a higher hill with a taller top

We all want what we ain’t got

We ain’t happy where we are

There’s greener grass in the neighbors yard

A bigger house and a faster car

We ain’t happy where we are

Coming off of a summer full of up-tempos and remixes it is refreshing to hear something so raw and bare; Owen really shows his vocal strength in this performance, particularly in the chorus and during the bridge. The song turns into one of remorse of a lost love but it is still identifiable with audiences:

I wanted the world until my whole world stopped

You know a love like that ain’t easily forgot

I guess we all want what we ain’t got

Yeah, we all want what we ain’t got

Admittedly the initial radio reception may be a bit unbalanced as it is nothing like anything else on the airwaves today, but this song is altogether amazing and will be a favorite for many. Once again it is so nice to hear pure talent without the clutter and Jake Owen delivers in “What We Ain’t Got“. Take a listen to the audio below and anticipate hearing it soon on a country station near you.

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