SINGLE REVIEW: Jerrod Niemann “Buzz Back Girl”

Jerrod Niemann is fun. And talented. And pretty easy on the eyes.

His new single off High Noon is “Buzz Back Girl” which was co-written by Lee Brice, Kyle Jacobs and Phillip Lammonds on Arista Nashville/Sea
Gayle Records.

Feels like I’ve been drinkin’ since early in the mornin’
I ain’t had a drop, but somethin’s got me goin’
Hit me like a truck, naw, didn’t see it comin’
I hope it don’t stop, ’cause man, it’s got me stumblin’
Lookin’ like that, lookin’ like that
You don’t even know what you’re doin’ to me
You got my buzz back, girl, my buzz back, girl

Buzz Back Girl” has the quintessential country double entendre title. You expect to hear a tune about boozing it up and are surprised when it’s a kind of ode to love. This isn’t a bourbon buzz it is a love buzz. And there ain’t nothin better than that! The beat-all kinda buzz everyone wants, thus making “Buzz Back Girl” a song that everyone will sing. Lyrically catchy. “Buzz Back Girl” does well at letting Jerrod’s smooth vocals flow as opposed to heavy auto tune or any other instrument taking over. Jerrod Niemann proves that he does not need to rock the genre by singing a country song that will have everyone questioning its merit. He has the skill, the vocals and the band that easily pulls off your classic country fun love song.

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