SINGLE REVIEW: Johnathan East “American Boy”

You do not have to be from the South or work a farm to feel the pride expressed in “American Boy” by Johnathan East, a single off his Fresh Out of Love Songs album. It’s a working person’s song. Plainspoken. Family. Work a job to pay the bills. Appreciate what you have. Gratitude for the little things. Amen. And the harmonica on this song adds a nice element of charm. The accompanying video for “American Boy” is modest and homey. Johnathan East’s easy going and unassuming vocals give a great delivery.

“Up every morning ‘round the crack of dawn

I kiss my wife, throw my work boots on

A cup of black coffee and man, I’m gone again

I live my life like my old man

I raise my kids and I farm the land

Sure ain’t waitin’ on no stimulus plan to kick in

When the world ain’t so forgiving

I know the good Lord’s got my back, yeah.

I think it’s time I said Amen, for the shape that I’m still in.

Yeah, good God Almighty, I’m proud to be an American boy.”

Johnathan’s influences include Hank Williams Jr., Johnny Cash and Charlie Daniels. He has been writing since he was about 15 years old while growing up in Clay County, Alabama. Johnathan started his own publishing company, Triple East Music and his own music company, Triple E Entertainment, LLC.


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